Thursday, September 13, 2018

Every fall is different each fall has its challenges. We are fishing to the same Fish in The same river, but every fall is completely unique in its own way. This year we had a lot of hot weather to start out with. In fact I suspect we will still have some hot days ahead. But the fish are finally coming into the river system. We have recently had our first real run of Chinook salmon for the year. The quality of the fish are spectacular both size and condition. Over the coming weeks we should see a study increase in the numbers of fish running on a daily basis. Looks like we’re off and running with this falls salmon fishing campaign. Water flows have remained at a constant 335cfs and I suspect this will continue for sometime to come. The recent rainfall was not significant enough to cause any amount of run off. We certainly can use a lot more rain. Water temperatures are starting to cool off significantly from the previous hot water. Water temperatures in the lower river fluctuate about 10° on a daily basis. Temperatures can be as cool as 60° in the morning. Upper river water temperatures are more stable however as of now fluctuating around 70°. Some cool weather will solve this problem fairly quickly. As of now most of the fish are in the lower river. It will not take Long for these fish to be strong out through the entire river system. Also keep in mind this coming weekend the lower fly-fishing zone on the Salmon River opens. As of now we’re having the best luck with olive, Black willy buggers, in size 6 and 4. A little persistent always goes a long way make a successful day this time of year.


 I still have prime dates available for last minute September 19 just opened up. October I have time available for the rest of my guide team. November 26,27,29 is open for Brown trout. So if you still thinking of fishing this fall give me a call I should be able to make arrangements for you. Cell 585-233-0436