Sunday, August 26, 2018

Judging by the way things are looking, we may just have a early start to the salmon season. Over the past week there has been small groups of salmon making her way through the Douglaston salmon run. Most of these fish are observed working there way through the run early morning. There has also been two steelhead, that have been caught in the lower River over the last week. My thought is these are summer run steelhead. We normally see these fish sometime around mid September. Water temperatures are at normal levels for this time year. Upper river it doesn’t matter what time of the day it is the water temperatures are between 72 and 73 Degrees, however lower River water temperatures can fluctuate 10 degrees this time of the year. As a result morning temperatures in the lower river can be as cool as 62 to 65, Very comfortable for Lake run fish to enter the river this time of year. This coming weekend will be the start of the fall conservation water releases. I suspect we will see water release on Saturday and Sunday 750 CFS then on Monday water flows settling down to the new base level of 350 CFS. This water release over the upcoming weekend is definitely going to trigger some fish to move into the river. For now this is what’s going on, the pace of the fishing will be quickly accelerated over the next few weeks.
 I still have prime dates available for September and October. Also I have plenty of time available for the rest of my guide team. So if you still thinking of fishing this fall give me a call I should be able to make arrangements for you.
If interested; I do have upcoming Sunday September 2 open. If anybody like to take advantage of the weekend water release. Should be a good opportunity to tangle with a fresh Chinook salmon.
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                                            Fall Newsletter 2018
This has been a hot and dry summer. At the time of writing this newsletter, we are starting to get a little bit more rainfall. However your guess is as good as mine as to what the water flows will be like this fall. As always it will not matter to us what the water flows are going to for this fall, we will adjust and enjoy the fishing as we always do.

Salmon fishing:
I anticipate this fall’s salmon run to be as strong as last year. I have been receiving very good reports on the salmon fishing from the lake since May. The lake fishermen are reporting large fish and good numbers of salmon. There has been a confirmed report of a few salmon being caught in the Salmon River already, following some heavy rain. Hopefully we will see an early start to run like last season.

Steelhead fishing:
I have not been getting a lot of reports from the lake fisherman regarding steelhead. This is due to the fact that the salmon fishing has been so productive, the lake fisherman have not been targeting the steelhead. This is good news for us. The steelheads have not seen the heavy fishing pressure that they normally experience on the lake. When I do occasionally get a report, these reports have been very promising.

Brown trout fishing:
As for the brown trout, the same thing goes. Fishing pressure has been light for the Brown Trout this summer due to good salmon fishing. The few lake fishermen that have, targeted Brown Trout are reporting quality fish. 

Atlantic salmon fishing:
The Atlantic salmon numbers have been poorer than anticipated this summer, however recently a few Atlantic salmon have been trickling in. We normally see a limited run of Atlantic salmon this time of the year. Hopefully we will have a population of Atlantic salmon to fish for. I intend to run the late August early September salmon fishing program. We will split the day fishing for Chinook salmon in the mornings and Atlantic salmon in the evening.

Overall impression is this fall’s fishing is going to be on par with last year, with the potential for some larger than normal fish. We may have to work around some low water but that has never been an issue for us, especially when you consider that low water conditions favor the fly fisherman.

Fall fishing schedule:
Atlantic Salmon:
Fishing the Salmon River late August to mid September
Fishing the Salmon River from late August to mid October.
Fishing the Salmon River from mid October to November.
Brown Trout:
Fishing Western New York tributaries until late December.

At this point I still have ideal days available for September, October and late November.

For more information, or to answer any questions:
 Please contact Jay at Jay Peck guides, Cell 585-233-0436 or e-mail
Enjoy the fall!

Jay at Jay peck guides

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