Thursday, July 26, 2018

It has been way too long since my last update. As many of you can imagine I have been on the water a lot over the past few month. The trout season has been challenging with all the hot dry weather and low water.  Many of you know you, I like to say, We just need to adapt. The recent rains are definitely over due, all of our trout streams and rivers. Certainly benefit from the rains. Even though we have received some significant rainfall we still need to be careful, temperature still remain an issue. We need to continue to take care while we’re trout fishing and be mindful of water temperatures. As of now we are definitely in the middle of our Summer hatches, trico and Isonychia along with ants and beetles are the main menu of bugs. Concentrate you’re fishing efforts during the morning this is both when we have an ideal water temperatures and the trico are also on the water. Outside of a little bit of bass fishing there is not much more going on this time of the year. The only other fishing news I have is that I am getting excellent records from the lake fisherman. They have been having consistently excellent fishing for salmon. Both numbers and size of the fish, conditions are definitely looking good this fall salmon season. I will have more information for everyone soon regarding how this  falls fishing is looking. We could be fishing for salmon within months time, Four weeks from now.