Wednesday, May 2, 2018

This cold spring is just dragging on. Hopefully this upcoming week we will see change in the weather patterns. As of now, judging by my observations the steelhead season is running 2 to 3 weeks behind schedule.  The steelhead are still actively spawning. The spawning activity is being dramatically dragged out due to cold water, temperatures. As of now the water temperature on the Salmon River has been fluctuated between, 38 to 41°, this is right at the edge of temperature where spawning start. At this pace I suspect we will be observing steelhead spawning for another two weeks. This is definitely dragging out the steelhead season. As of writing this update water flows on the Salmon River are at 1500 CFS, I suspect water flows will start to come down within a few days. Water temperatures have been fluctuating as I said earlier around 40° give or take a degree or two. Keep in mind as I always say conditions can and do change quickly. We will need to constantly monitor water flows and water temperatures going forward. As of now we have been concentrating our fishing efforts in the afternoons late into the day, and covering a lot of water. This allows us to take advantage of the best water temperatures and gives the river time to quiet down on the morning fishing pressure. Judging by the way this spring steelhead season is progressing, we could have some excellent May steelhead fishing.  This is an excellent opportunity for that last chance and a steelhead and do it on the swing. Swing season is coming fast, for the guide service this is our favorite time of the year to chase steelhead. Fishing pressure is way down and the steelhead are hungry and chasing flies.
When it comes to Productive flies, we have been throwing the fly box at them.   Some of our best producers have been, Golden stoneflies, Black and silver Willy buggers, and a variation of a Green butt black bear when the fish get a little grumpy. As of now oak Orchard River is for all practical purposes done with that steelhead run. You might find a stray steelhead, but most likely lots of White suckers. The small mouth bass should start to show up in a couple weeks.
As for the trout fishing, the Hendrickson hatch has been coming off the trout streams a bit sporadically, mostly due to water temperature. This goes for the feeding activity of the trout. As of now the Hendrickson hatch has been coming off early to mid afternoon.
This Cold Spring in slow start, can work to our advantage, dragging out the hatch cycles, giving us more fishing opportunity.
We still have plenty of time available for early to mid May. The way this spring is progressing, there is going to be plenty of opportunities for that last chance at a steelhead. Steelhead fishing early to mid May is what we refer to as swing season, the best times of the year to fish for steelhead with a swinging fly. We are going to be on the river swinging flies for steelhead. This is a unique opportunity.
Please feel free to give me a call so we can discuss your options, also please keep in mind that where I’m located on the Salmon River cell phone coverage is poor, Please be persistent. cell 585-233-0436


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