Wednesday, April 4, 2018

This upcoming week will most likely see a lot of changing in the fishing conditions. I often say conditions can and do change quickly, right now the way things look some one may have just lit the fuse on the steelhead bomb. Water temperatures are right on the edge of triggering spawning activity. As of now oak Orchard River is in ideal fishing condition, high water flows and heavy stain to the water. This can make looking for fish a bit difficult, however the stain conditions will give steelhead the security they need to remain active throughout the day. In These conditions, all we need to do is take our time and search carefully. Eventually the fish will show them selves. When fishing the Oak, use larger flies. I like to say it’s time to break out the fun stuff. In the dirty water of Oak Orchard River the larger brighter flies are always going to be more effective.
The Salmon River, water flows have been steadily increasing as of now the release at the damn is 1500 CFS. Please keep in mind at this time of year water flows can change quickly. You will need to keep an eye on the flows daily and just your fishing plans accordingly. I do anticipate water flows increasing in the short term. Water temperature has been in the mid to upper 30 degree range. Close to spawning temperature but not there yet. As result, the fish have been a bit crabby. Ones the water temperature comes up to spawning temperature the fish behavior will change dramatically. Until then, a bit of persistence is your best approach. We have been getting Fish to eat a variety flies from egg patterns to nymphs, our best producing pattern has been large stonefly nymphs with rubber legs. We are at the very beginning of the spawning activity, As a result the bulk of the fishing activity will be focused at the upper portion of the river. There will still be a trickle of fish coming through the lower of the mid portion of the river but these fish will be spread out in moving fast. As a result we will need it cover as much water as possible to find these new fish.
 As we all know, trout season has officially opened. For now my concentration is still going to be with the steelhead fishing. However I will make note of the trout fishing conditions while the steelhead season continues. For now there is not much going on in the trout streams, other than water flows are high. We do need a few weeks and some warm water temperatures before we see the first big bug hatches.
We still have plenty of time available for early to mid May. Please keep in mind steelhead fishing early to mid May is what we refer to as swing season, the best times of the year to fish for steelhead with a swinging fly. Please feel free to give me a call so we can discuss your options cell 585-233-0436