Friday, November 10, 2017

It has been a while since my last update starting with the Salmon River the fishing started out with some of the best steelhead fishing we have seen in over 3 yeas, and then it all changed. Late in the week we got slammed with a major rainstorm.  This storm dumped over 6 ½ inches of rain in 24 hours. Just as the weather service said we got flooded. As of writing this update, River conditions have not comes back into fishing conditions. I do suspect that within a few days conditions well improved considerably. This recent round of heavy rain and minor flooding is nothing more than a minor in convenience. Losing a few days of fishing is a small price to pay for setting up good fishing conditions for the next couple of months. Once water flows come down we will find steelhead spread from the upper fly zone all The way down river. The Salmon River in the surrounded rivers will be having decent to good steelhead fishing until winter conditions takes hold.
This is the time in the fall when I make my move from the Salmon River to the lake Ontario tributaries of western New York.  For the next few weeks I’ll be focused on fishing for Lake run brown trout. Those of you who have had the opportunity to Fish for these fish know how special these brown trout are. Once again heavy rainfall has had an effect on the tributaries on the west end of Lake Ontario. However the effect is not the extreme, that we have experienced on the Salmon River area in the east end of the lake. Fishing conditions have and are quickly improvement. Brown trout are starting to move into the creeks. First week of November is when we see  the biggest fish. Going forward productive flies; for steelhead fishing on the Salmon River, it will be a mix of wet flies and small intruders. Those of you who want to swing, stay mid river, low river for you best results. Up river that will be a egg bite for sometime to come, Standard egg flies are going to be it. For the brown trout fishing, it will be fishing egg flies for the next few weeks.

I also have dates available for Rick, in November. For those of you do not know Rick Smith, He has been working with me for over 10 years and is an excellent fly fisherman and Guide. I have no doubt you will enjoy your day on the water with him. Rick will be focusing on the Salmon River and the surrounding smaller rivers for the steelhead fishing.