Saturday, October 21, 2017

This week has been a transition week for the Salmon River. The end of an incredible salmon run, the start of the steelhead run. Those of you who head the opportunity to fish the salmon run with me, know exactly what I’m talking about. Massive numbers of fish ran the river, and the Guide service salmon record was broken twice this fall. Going in to this fall the previous record was 37 pounds. This fall we landed a 38 ½ pound Chinook salmon in early September two weeks later we top that fish with a 43 pound salmon. An incredible fish the size of which I thought I would never see. As I said this is been an amazing salmon run. Now the steelhead is starting to show up. Each day I am becoming more confident we are going to have a decent to good run of steelhead. Earlier these fish were incredibly crappy. However water temperatures finally cooled off, and I figured it out their behavior and adjusted. Which is normally what happens with crappy fish, we adapt to their behavior. For now most of the steelhead are still in the lower to mid River.  It will not take long for these fish to start showing up in the upper river including the fly zones.  With the waterfalls that we had this fall there was minimal spawning in the lower river. As a result when the steelhead first come into the river they are not is dialed in on eggs. We are experiencing some wonderful classic fishing with a swinging fly. I suspect for the lower River this is going to be fishing this pattern for sometime to come. Ones the fish get in the mid river they will become more keyed in eggs.
Productive flies; this week the A lot of fun swing variations of small intruders in the lower river. Flies are approximately 2 and half to 3 ½ inches long. I personally like to tie them on plastic tubes, Colors are a mixes of pink, purple, black, white and olive. Did find that pinks and purples were good early today colors, midday olives and black worked excellent. For egg flies size 8 and 10 are working just fine. As for the colors the standard Oregon cheese, orange and chartreuse, pink are working just fine.
I also have dates available for Rick, in November. For those of you do not know Rick Smith, He has been working with me for over 10 years and is an excellent fly fisherman and Guide. I have no doubt you will enjoy your day on the water with him. Rick will be focusing on the Salmon River and the surrounding smaller rivers for the steelhead fishing.

If you’re interested or have any questions please feel free to give me a call. Cell 585-233-0436

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