Tuesday, September 5, 2017

It is not too often that I can accurately predict to start of salmon season. This time I did it, just as predicted with the water released this past weekend, we had an excellent early season run of salmon. It is not every year we have such a good start to the fall salmon run. As I’m writing this update there is a nice jag of fish from mid river on down for the Salmon river. Going into this upcoming week water flows are now at fall minimum flow of 335 CFS. Judging by the weather forecast I have no doubt this water flow will stay for sometime to come. Water temperatures are also in excellent shape low to mid 60°. When you combined good water flows and ideal water temperatures, Fresh salmon from the lake. You have the perfect storm for a bunch of angry salmon when they are hooked up. Landing these angry brutes over last few days has been challenging to say the least. Right now is an ideal time to fish for salmon with minimum fishing pressure in high quality fish. I am at this point raining the early salmon season as fishing as but as good you can expect. Keep in mind at this point we will be fishing for 2 to 6 Fish today, But you’ll have lots of River to yourself to do it. As for productive flies; our best success has been with darker patterns such as size 4 woolly bugger’s first thing in the morning followed by an interesting lineup of various size 4 and size 6 wet flies. Also keep in mind at this stage of the run the fishing is more of a morning game. Hitting the water about 6:30 AM in fishing around noon. We are definitely off to a good start.


I still have prime days available for mid to late September. This is salmon fishing at it’s best. They’re still way off from spawning and when hooked up they are very angry, lots of fun. If you’re interested or have any questions please feel free to give me a call. Cell 585-233-0436

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