Monday, August 28, 2017

Looks like the fall lake run fishing is getting off to an early start. As many of you already know there has been a few stray Chinook salmon trickling into the Salmon River over the last few weeks. River conditions and water temperatures have been cooler than normal for this time of year. Coming into this weekend, Labor Day weekend I am anticipating seeing at a decent shot of salmon. Water flows for this coming Friday night are supposed to increased to a release of 750 CFS from 185 CFS. With river conditions and Salmon activity, it is very possible that this weekends fishing can be interesting to say the lease.
For the trout fishing not much has change them same bitch of bugs. However for this time of year, water conditions are excellent. Just keep in mind, the trout know the game. Fish carefully, be sneaky and use long leaders.
For the upcoming Labor Day weekend I still have Saturday September 2 in Monday September 4 open.  If you’re interested do not hesitate to call. Cell 585-233-0436
I also still have prime days available for mid to late September. This is salmon fishing at it’s best. They’re still way off from spawning and when hooked up they are very angry, lots of fun.
For those of you we have not received my fall newsletter here it is:
                                     Fall News Letter

Fall is coming. We will be fishing the tributaries before we know it.
It never ceases to amaze me how fishing conditions can change from one year to the next. The way conditions are shaping up waterfalls should not be a problem this fall. I’m sure everyone has heard about the lake levels and shoreline flooding. As of now the lake levels are coming down and we should not have any trouble with Lake levels this fall. As for the rivers we should not have any issues with water flows, at least low waterfalls. Also the fishing reports I am receiving from the lake fisherman are extremely good this year. In fact some of the best reports I have heard in a few years. The lake fishermen have been recording both good numbers of salmon and decent sizes of these salmon. We have good too high water falls in all of our rivers throughout the summer. Also have good water temperatures, suitable for the salmon at this this time. As of writing this newsletter the Salmon River has had a few Chinook salmon in the River system already. Judging by the conditions, I am anticipating an early start to the salmon run this fall. Time will only tell but conditions are looking good.
Also I have been hearing about a fair number of steelhead showing up in these catches. Us steelhead fishermen need to keep in mind that right now the Lake fisherman are concentrating on salmon, not steelhead. As a result I would expect the numbers of steelhead being caught right now to be low. However the steelhead fishing has been way better this summer out on the lake than it has been the last three years. Hopefully we will see a sharp improvement in the rivers this fall.
When it comes to the brown trout, I am hopeful. I do know that the brown trout did not get beat up by the Lake fisherman this year. Earlier in the spring lake levels are so high lake Fishman were not able to launch there boats. There was not much fishing activity this year focused on the brown trout. This could mean more fish for us. Also if the wet weather continues into November like it has this summer. We could be in for some great November brown trout fishing.
This fall we will be once again offering our late summer early fall mix bag fishing. This is fishing salmon in the morning for either Atlantic salmon or Chinook salmon depending on availability. Then heading off to the Brook trout water for an afternoon of trout fishing. This is a great opportunity for anyone looking for some solitude.

Fall fishing schedule;
Fishing the Salmon River from late August to mid October.
Fishing the Salmon River from mid October to November.
Brown Trout;
Fishing Western New York tributaries until late December.

At this point I still have ideal days available for September, October and late November. For more information, or to answer any questions Please contact Jay of Jay Peck guides, Cell 585-233-0436 or e-mail
In joy the fall
Jay at Jay peck guides

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

We are finally seeing some dryer weather, If it only last for a few days. Looks like all rivers and streams are coming into or now in good fishing conditions.
True to form the trout are in the Midsummer picky mood. Some things never change, the trout knows the game. We need to be on our game this time of year. All the summer hatches our hedges are now coming off and all of our trout waters. Bugs will vary from watershed to watershed but generally speaking, Look for Tricos in the morning this is a small mayfly a size 20 and comeback in massive swarms, depending on air temperatures you’ll need to be in order summer between 6:30 AM to 7:30 AM and expect the fishing to be over by mid to late morning. Ware there is Isonycnia this will be a late evening hatch. This is a large bug a size 10. I have my best luck fishing a Isoncnia nymph, and then at desk shifting over to a rusty spinner.
Even though it is midsummer, and we have trout fishing and May flies on our mind. Salmon season is only 3 weeks away. It may seem early but it is not, especially if you have to make arrangements for lodging. Also the preliminary reports that I am receiving from the lake fisherman is very encouraging, they are experiencing very good salmon fishing out on the lake. Things are looking hopeful. The high water levels, that we’ve been hearing about on the lake is not affected the fish stacks at all. If anything the Lake high water levels has helped how are caused. Because of flooding a lot of boat traffic is not been able to access the lake until recently. The fishing pressure family has been unusually light. Also over the past two weeks there has been an extremely light trickle of salmon coming into the Salmon River. One of those deals where if you hunt hard enough, you just might find a salmon. Right now all I can say is everything looking good for some early to mid September salmon fishing. Hopefully this trend will continue.
Early fall we are offering a mixed fishing day. Fishing for salmon in the morning. This can be fishing for Chinook salmon of Atlantic salmon, depending on available.  For the afternoon, heading off to the brook trout water, for some dry fly fishing. we will be offering this until mid September when the salmon fishing becomes more consistent.