Friday, June 9, 2017

This weeks water flows are finally setting down. However like we will need to keep a close eye on warm clothes on her favorite trout streams. The good news is we have lots of bugs. The Sulfurs are hatching everywhere, for the most part they are a late afternoon evening hatch. The mid day bugs are caddis, Bring a large variety because there’s a bunch of them. Also expect to see Great faxes and even a few March Brown’s and Blue wing olives. Right now is prime mayfly and caddis time. This coming week they are predicting scattered rain showers for the entire Area. We will need to keep a close eye water flows on all of our rivers and creeks. Keep in mind that rising water flows can produce some very productive fishing. You might not be able to do it with a dry fly, but with nymphs and streamers. We have been having the best success with, hairs ear, pheasant tails, Sulfur nymphs. When the water flows are up we have been using Black, Brown and olive Willy buggers, Golden Stone fly nymphs.
The up coming weather prediction has some cool air temperatures in it. If you are planning on going to do some evening fishing and catching a spinner fall. Keep in mind that air temperatures are going to be important. Mayfly spinners do not like air temperature to be below 60°. If the temperatures drop below that magical 60° they will stay in the trees. If it has been too cool for the evening spinner drops for a couple of days be prepared for a heavy spinner fall once conditions become favorable.
I would like to mention that this month on June 24, will be the annual Spey nation gathering at the Pineville boat access on the Salmon River. The mission is free and there’ll be a lunch provided for free for everyone who attends. I will be doing a casting demonstration at 9 AM in the morning. I get to lead all the demonstrations that day. Bring your waiters and try out all the new equipment. Also anyone that straddling any distance may need lodging. I would suggest you contact the folks at the Douglaston salmon run. Right now they have the best deal going for lodging. You get a house for $60 per person a night is summer rate. The houses are very nice and they can accommodate and individual to a large group. This is my opinion the best lodging deals in town. You can contact the Douglas salmon run at 315-298-6672

We are now offering a full menu of fishing and trout fishing options.

* For those who enjoy technical trout fishing or like to brush up on your skills our Spring Creek fishing would be an excellent option. Our Spring Creek is always in fishing condition.

* We will be heading to the upper Genesee river this is one of the best dry fly fishing rivers around in my opinion.

* Anyone who would like to get away from everything we are offering off the grand brook trout fishing.

* For those of you who like Bass fishing we have both small mouth bass river fishing and some great surface action for both smallmouth and large mouth bass.

* Atlantic Salmon - anyone Interested please contact me.

 If any of these options interest you please feel free to contact me, My cell is 585-233-0436

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