Sunday, May 28, 2017

What can I say; Finely water flows have come down to a normal fishing level. It has been incredibly wet spring so far. Starting with the trout streams, Oatka creek is at, an ideal fishing level. Upper Genesee River is also at a good fishing flow right now. Time to get our trout streams. For the most part Hendrickson Hatch is over with the exception of evening spare falls. However from late morning to midafternoon there is still, a sporadic Blue Wang olive hatch. These are some of largest olives of the year; they are an honest size 16. We will be seeing the some light caddis soon. This first early caddis will be a size 14, We should see these bugs from midafternoon through evening time. Bug season on our trust streams is well underway. Fortunately for us we now have good water flows and hopefully the cool air temperatures will continue.
At this Point we would be packing up the big rods and shutting down the tributary program till this coming fall. However if you have been following what’s been going with the Salmon River this spring, you would be aware that we are actually having a small run of Atlantic Salmon. Looks like this program might be showing some real progress. As of this point the salmon river water flows now down to summer base levels 185 CFS. For us this is an ideal water flows for Atlantic salmon, the last few years I have put a lot of effort into figuring out this new fisheries. As of now I would rate Atlantic salmon fishing as having about a 50% chance of an encounter with an Atlantic salmon.  With odds like this we are approaching the quality of some of the best Atlantic salmon rivers in North America. Keep in mind we need to Fish through a lot of water and you need to fish a lot differently than I do for steelhead. I suspect this fishing should hold up until mid to late June, all depends on water temperature. Along with Atlantic Salmon we are catching a handful of small mouth bass, Nice buy catch when fishing for salmon. Some of these bass have been over the 5 pound mark. A real tough customer even with a 13 foot two hand rod.

We are now offering a full menu of fishing and trout fishing options.

* For those who enjoy technical trout fishing or like to brush up on your skills our Spring Creek fishing would be an excellent option. Our Spring Creek is always in fishing condition.

* We will be heading to the upper Genesee river this is one of the best dry fly fishing rivers around in my opinion.

* Anyone who would like to get away from everything we are offering off the grand brook trout fishing.

* For those of you who like Bass fishing we have both small mouth bass river fishing and some great surface action for both smallmouth and large mouth bass.

* Atlantic Salmon - anyone Interested please contact me.
 If any of these options interest you please feel free to contact me, My cell is 585-233-0436

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