Sunday, May 7, 2017

Looks like we are gutting all the rain that we did not get last season, we’re getting it now. We have and are receiving consistently moderate to heavy rainfall. Right now this is very frustrating, we all want to get on our favorite trout stream and fish the Hendrickson Hatch instead of sitting at home tying more flies. Also with all the high water, it’s looking like the end of our steelheads season, Swing season is going to be a big washout. The Salmon River spent two days falling over 3000 CFS, now it is flowing at 1800 CFS Plus runoff. However not all is lost. Trout season last several months.
Despite all of our frustrations right now, this cold weather, rain and high water is going to help extend the bug hatches and give us some quality fishing through late May and June. All of this high water is good for the trout. Especially when you consider the fact that most of our trout streams is at lest in some way supplemented with stocked trout. The high water gives both covered and time for these trout to disburse and learn how to be basically a trout and eat bugs. Also water conditions will also stay in ideal conditions for the trout later in to this summer. Keep in mind the drought last summer and low water flows. We should not have much concern going into this summers trout fishing season with low water. There should be plenty of groundwater keeping all the springs flowing this summer. Looking forward, the end of this coming week. The weather looks to be improving considerably. Hopefully we can be on our favorite trust streams by then. Also as much as it has been raining hopefully we will not find ourselves in another summer dropped. We do need the rain to continue, Maybe not as intense.

Looks like we are having an honest relatively speaking run of Atlantic salmon. This is where we will have to wait for the water flows to come down so we can get back in river and see what’s going on with the Atlantic salmon. Over the last few years we have been experiencing a steady increase in the numbers of Atlantic. Hopefully this is an extension of that trend that we’ve been experiencing. I am hopeful, Due to the fact that present condition of the lakes forage base is beneficial to Atlantic salmon. The could be witnessing the return Atlantic Salmon to Lake Ontario and its tributaries. As for all the high water flows, this will definitely spread the salmon throughout the river very quickly. Even if the numbers are way higher and more fish than we’ve ever experienced, fishing for these fish is still going to be a coverage game.  The numbers the Fish are still going to be very low.  We will still need to cover water fast to find a fish that wants to play.

We are now offering a full menu of fishing and trout fishing options.

* For those who enjoy technical trout fishing or like to brush up on your skills our Spring Creek fishing would be an excellent option. Our Spring Creek is always in fishing condition.

* We will be heading to the upper Genesee river this is one of the best dry fly fishing rivers around in my opinion.

* Anyone who would like to get away from everything we are offering off the grand brook trout fishing.

* For those of you who like Bass fishing we have both small mouth bass river fishing and some great surface action for both smallmouth and large mouth bass.

* Atlantic Salmon - anyone Interested please contact me.

 If any of these options interest you please feel free to contact me, My cell is 585-233-0436

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