Sunday, April 2, 2017

Conditions are changing quickly for Western New York. All the snow including a good round of rain is now flowing through the creeks and rivers. Water flows are at this time very high for Western New York. Over the weekend water flows were at flood levels. If we do not get too much rain this coming week, We be back to fishing in a few days.  As for the watercolor, we are and will be dealing with some very muddy conditions. Keep in mind the muddy water bothers us more than it does the fish. Water temperatures are now also improving, water temperatures are now in the lower 40° range range. We are now in that ideal water temperature corresponding activity to start.
Productive flies, we are dealing with spawning behavior was steelhead as a result it’s time to break out all the fun flies. The normal lineup of woolly buggers egg-sucking leeches and small intruders are getting the job done. When the fish get fussy egg patterns always work.
 The Salmon River and surrounding rivers and creeks. Water flows at all the rivers and creeks have come down over the past week. At this time the Salmon River is flowing at 500 CFS, low for this time of the year. I do not anticipate this flow level to stay for much longer. There’s still plenty of snowmelt yet to come. However this reprieve in high water has created a excellent fishing opportunity. The Salmon River has fished well over the past week. There is fish spread out all through the river system. There is also fish spread out through the smaller creeks and rivers that surround the Salmon River. Successful flight patterns, Upper River a mix of stonefly nymphs and egg patterns. For the lower river stonefly nymphs are still very effective. However small intruders finished on the swing, also been producing consistently. Keep in mind fish numbers are always smaller than the lower end of the river and you need to cover water to be consistently successful.


We still have prime fishing dates are available, for both Western New York Oak Orchard River area and the Salmon River. If you’re interested please feel free to call and we can discuss your options cell 585-233-0436

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