Friday, March 17, 2017

True to form for the month of March couple of days of nice warm spring weather and then old man winter comes back and gives us a big blast of winter weather and over 2 feet of snow. As for Western New York, Oak Orchard River area. We were running about 3 to 4 weeks ahead of schedule. Looks like old Man Winter solve that problem for us. We are right back on schedule for the spring steelhead run. For now  we are going to need to give everything some time for the snow to do it  thing and run off. However judging by the upcoming long-term weather forecast I suspect this will happen relatively quickly. The same goes for the Salmon River and its surrounding rivers and creeks. Everything is either iced up and snow choked or running some big cold water. As of now the Salmon River flow is 1700 CFS, and I suspect this is going to continue for some time to come. With this past storm we had, which was significant, Even the Salmon River watershed received over 2 foot of snow. Water flows for the upcoming spring are looking very good.
Not much has happened over the past week when it comes to the fishing, Just a lot of Fly tying.  The upcoming week we will be back on the water once again and we’re anticipating experiencing some winter type fishing conditions,  at least for the early part of the week. Keep in mind that it is March and we are fishing steelhead. Once again conditions can and will change quickly.  Monitor the water temperatures, In the spring, Water temperatures Will govern Fish behavior.


We still have prime fishing dates are available, for both Western New York Oak Orchard River area and the Salmon River. If you’re interested please feel free to call and we can discuss your options cell 585-233-0436