Monday, September 5, 2016

Fall is coming. Things are starting to change, Especially with the fishing. Over the last few days there has been small handfuls of salmon making their way through the lower end of the Salmon River. Nothing consistent yet but a very good sign, considering it’s the end of August into early September.  The salmon fishing on the lake has been consistent to very good. All signs are pointing to a good relatively early start to the salmon season.
Over the past two weeks the Salmon River watershed has received some heavy rain falls. As result water flows have been increased to fall minimum water flows of 335 CFS hopefully we will continue to receive plenty of wet whether so this flow can be maintained. Water temperatures have also dropped, for the lower river water temperatures are fluctuating between a low of 68° to a high of 72°. River conditions are starting to look a lot like fall. If you intend to take a vantage of these early trickles of fish, planning on starting your fishing day as really as possible. You will want to take a vantage of the cooler water temperatures. Also most of the activity will be over by midday. I do personally enjoy late August early September salmon fishing. Keep in mind we are fishing for a fish or two. The main salmon fishing traffic has not hit the river yet.
There are still plenty of opportunities with the local trout streams. With some of the recent rains and cool night water conditions are improving quickly. By now most of the summer mayfly hatches are over. However streamer fishing can be very productive especially at first and last light. Also keep in mind ants and beetles will continue to be available to the trout, good thing for us dry fly fisherman.

At this time I still have some prime September days available these are September 20,21,22,23,24,25 ideal dates for fishing Chinook salmon and possibly catching a run of Coho Salmon.
We are offering another fishing option for early salmon season, running from late August to mid September. This is fishing for salmon in the morning for either Atlantic Salmon or Chinook salmon depending on availability. Then heading off to the Brook trout water for an afternoon of trout fishing.

We are also offering two spey casting classes.
Date for the casting clinic are
Clinic 1; September 3 Saturday, starting time 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM. Meet at Pineville fishing excess parking Clinic 2; October 1 Saturday, starting time 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM. Meet at 2.A fishing excess parking

Please feel free to give me a call [Cell 585-233-0436] and discuss any concerns and your options.

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