Wednesday, July 6, 2016

I am way overdue for an update, the fishing and the hatches has been very consistent until now. A few changes are now happening, it is definitely time for me to bring everyone up to date.
Low water continues to be an issue; most of our smaller creeks are still experiencing low water flows. We need to be mindful on where we fish and water temperatures. In these conditions we can easily do a lot of damage to our favorite trout waters. Starting with Oatka Creek, Genesee River and the surrounding creeks and rivers. The hatch cycles and fishing time are changing. The sulfur hatch is over and the Trico hatch is now starting. Along with these little size 20 mayflies, ants and Beatles are now going to be standard patterns. The Trico hatch is a morning hatch, generally speaking we will have bugs on the water somewhere around 7 to7:30 in the morning and winding down mid to late morning. At that point fishing ants Beatles will be your most productive patterns. Keep in mind if the weather is a little breezy these terrestrials can become very productive as bugs get blown into the water.
 Because of water conditions, we have been put in most of our fishing effort on the Salmon River. This may sound a bit strange, we don’t often think of this river as the summer fisheries. However in the state of New York was able to stock four locations along the river with both one and two-year-old fish. As a result we have had excellent trout fishing with both dry fly and streamer this summer. These new fish quickly figured out how to be a trout and are both thriving and occasionally giving us some challenging fishing puzzles. Real bonus to fishing this river at this time in a year is that we have a menu of options beside the trout fishing we also have smallmouth bass and when conditions are favorable we can hunt for Atlantic Salmon. Often we can do this all in the same day.
Even though it is Midsummer it is time to start planning your fall fishing.
We are going to be offering another fishing option for early salmon season, running from late August to mid September. This will be fishing for salmon in the morning for either Atlantic Salmon or Chinook salmon depending on availability. Then heading off to the Brook trout water for an afternoon of trout fishing.

Also keep in mind, If you are considering fishing this fall I would highly recommend that you give me a call so that you can get your date and more importantly find lodging, especially if you plan to fish the Salmon River. Please feel free to give me a call [Cell 585-233-0436] and discuss any concerns and your options.

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