Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Water and fishing conditions held up very well over the past week. We did receive a little bit of rain, which mounted to what I refer to as maintenance maintaining conditions at status quo. Because we had a cool week, water temperatures have remained relatively cool. These cooler temperatures have slowed the progression of the hatches. Fortunately for now all of our bug hatches are running on schedule. The main featured bug for now is a size 14 light caddis. This caddis is hatching practically everywhere. All of over trout streams are seeing good afternoon caddis hatches. Along with the caddis we are still having a few olives hatching. This hatch is more of a stream and weather condition specific hatch at this point. If we have some cloudy or wet weather, these conditions well often trigger an olives hatch. As for the Hendrickson hatch, there is the a few bugs popping up periodically but for the most part the hatch is over. Keep in mind that we’ve had plenty of cool weather and there are lots of Hendrickson spinners waiting to come back. The next few warm evening we should see heavy Hendrickson spinner returns. As always if you’re planning on catching this spinner drop, keep an eye the air temperature. We need to be 60° or warmer for the spinners to return.
We have started scouting and fishing through our menu of trout fishing. We recently spent the day fishing the off the grid brook trout water. Even though we did not see a lot of bug activity that day, the fish were still very cooperative. We caught several fish using wet fly techniques; there have been several days of caddis activity on this water. The size of the Brook trout range up to 10 inches, however we did lose a few large trout. Never ceases to amaze me how the big boys find a way to get away.


We are currently scouting our menu of trout fishing options. This will include upper Genesee River, Off the grid Brook Trout fishing and our local Trout waters. There’s lots of opportunity and open dates feel free to give me a call discuss what is happening and what are the options cell 585-233-0436

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