Tuesday, April 26, 2016

To start off with I would like to take a moment and say thank you to everybody for reading my blog. A passing note this blog is number 500. Over the years my log of updates that I have written have created an interesting history of the fishing in the area.  I have made mentions of the timings runs on the Lake Ontario tributaries, bug hatches on our trout streams. I have also periodically added fishing tips from timings to Fish, to techniques. Once again thank you for reading my blog, and to another 500 updates.
Now to the fishing; starting with the trout streams. Water flows remain at ideal fishing levels at this time. Keep in mind when you look at various gauge reading. They will report that water flows are low for this time of the year, they are. Often this time of the year water flows are very high and we are waiting to fish. All of our trout streams are now having their early spring hatches. Look for Hendrickson Olives and some caddis, depending on the trout streams you are fishing. Most of the hatches are coming off early to mid afternoon, Plan on being on the water by late morning. Start fishing with nymphs and looking for surface activity by early to mid afternoon. Most of your fishing will be done by late afternoon, when the sun start coming off the water. We are having a good start to the trout season. Time to get on the water and take advantage of the opportunity.

The steelhead fishing on the Salmon River continues to move along. Water flows have been fairly consistent all week. The week started out with a 750 CFS released from the dam, as of writing this update water flow is now at 500 CFS release. I do expect the water flows to continue to come down this coming week, unless we get some significant rainfall. Dropping waterfalls at this time of the year is normal a nothing to be concerned about when it comes to the fishing. Lower water flows well help in locating fish by concentrating them in the deeper runs. Also the lower waterfalls means we do not have to use as aggressive sink tips, making casting far more enjoyable. Water temperatures are finally in the upper 40s 50s and the steelheads are starting to chase big flies. At this stage we are no longer seeing many fresh spawning fish. We are focusing on the fishing for drop back steelhead. For flies, it is time to Break out all the fun stuff. You will have your best results with flies around two half inches long in earth tone colors. For the most part big Willy burgers black and brown, copper are going to work just fine. It is more important to cover water than anything else.

A reminder, I still have dates for May spring steelhead fishing. Early May is, what we call swing season. A great time to fish for steelhead with two-handed rods and a swinging fly. Our friend Rick Smith, also has dates available for May. Feel free to call if you have any questions Cell 585-233-0436

One final note;
As many of you are aware of my home was devastated by fire. I want to just say thank you to the fly fishing community for their outpouring of support and help. This means a great deal to myself and my family.  As some of you are aware the healing and rebuilding process takes time. Once again thank you for all the support.

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