Monday, March 28, 2016

The weather over the last few days continues to be cool. The rainfall has been more of a have or have not situation over the last few days. As result for Western New York, Oak Orchard and the surrounding rivers and creeks, water flows will vary widely. It is one of those situations where you need to check. If we do not get any substantial rain soon, Looks like the steelhead fishing is going to be a bit challenging. It will become more hunting than fishing. Water temperatures remain constant in the low 40s degree range, this is fortunate because it will slow down and help to extend spawning activity. Hopefully the cooler water temperatures will make up for lower water flows.  As of now I am still hoping for two more weeks of decent fishing. Productive flies, Willy buggers, leech patterns is still getting the job done but we’ve had to drop down on fly size, 6 and 10 is the sizes we are using right now. This is due to the lower and clear waters that were fishing. Yes always, keep in mind we are doing a bit of hunting for the fish and fishing with a lot of persistence.
Salmon River Pulaski and the surrounding rivers and creeks; water flows continue to moderate. As of writing this update water flows on the Salmon River has come down to 500 CFS release from the dam. Water temperatures have not improved much over the past week still ranging in the upper 30° range to low 40° range. Spawning activity continues at a slow rate. Between dropping water flows and cool morning water temperatures are slowing down the spawning activities. Hopefully this pattern will continue and help extend the spring steelhead fishing. The fly box; stoneflies nymphs still getting it done, in size 12 to 10, For the swing, small intruders around two and a half to 3 and half inches long is getting the job done. If and when we have some high water flows, it is a good idea to try fishing intruders around 4 to 6 inches long, put a big target out for them.


A reminder, myself and Rick Smith still have dates for spring steelhead fishing both April and May. Early May is what we call, is swimming season. A great time two fish for steelhead with two-handed rods and a singing fly. Feel free to call to discuss dates and fishing opportunities. Cell 585-233-0436

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