Monday, November 9, 2015

Once again long days on the river. It’s been a while since my last update. Finished up my calendar for now, on the Salmon River. Not much has changed with the steelhead fishing. We needed to cover a lot of water for a few hook up. At this point, the egg bites in the lower river is about done. I have to say egg patterns are still effective, But there’s not a lot of eggs available to get the fish keyed in. For now the most productive technique is going to be swinging flies. There is not a lot of steelhead concentrated in any one location. Covering water with a spey rod and a swinging fly is the most efficient way to cover a lot of water. This is exactly what we need to do to fine a steelhead willing to take.
Over the past week I have made my move back home to western New York. I am now fishing for the Lake run brown trout. Just before I made the move, we received a good shot of rain in the western end of the lake. This rainfall amounted to about 2 inches, with out this rainfall I would not be home fishing for brown trout. Water flow ware so low the fish could not entered the rivers. This means the Brown trout run in western New York got off to a late start. However once the Browns started to come in they made up for lost time. The past week was, the week of giant brown trout. The amount of 15 pound plus Brown trout we caught this test week was impressive. Once again water flows have become an issue and the trout size is becoming more normal. We need rain very badly or I suspect the brown trout run will stall out.
For productive flies; as usual when fishing for Brown trout in early November it is always an egg bite. Standard egg patterns are getting it done, Nuclear role bugs in Oregon cheese and orange, size 8 and10. Egg beaters, Orange, Chartreuse, size 10 Yellow are getting the job done in low clear water.
November dates 28,29, Open. This is Brown trout and steelhead fishing. Note; Rick Smith, many of you already know Rick, Will be available to do trips on the Salmon River and the surrounding Creek for steelhead.
December remains wide open, this can be an interesting month to fish with lots of opportunities and light fishing pressure.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me cell 585-233-0436

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