Thursday, August 13, 2015

It is definitely starting to get that time of the year, Fall is not too far away. There has already been confirmed reports of Chinook Salmon, entering the lower end of the Salmon River. At this point not much should be read into this other than the signs of an early run are starting to be there. As for what else is going on with the fishing, nothing has changed other than we got depending on where you are, we received somewhere between one and a half to 2 inches of rain.  This rainfall was definitely needed. Water flows were getting a little low. By the time of writing this update all of our creeks and streams should be back down in to fishing levels. Once again, not much has changed with the trout fishing, Here is the run down. Tricos are still going all up and down the Oatka creek. This is a size 20 mayfly; the timing of the hatch is in the morning. You will want to be on the water around 7 AM, Depending on air temperatures that day the hatch will around up sometime between mid to late morning. The rivers that have an Isonychia hatch are now going on. This hitch trickles off throughout the day. You do not always see a lot of bugs around but, the fish are looking for the bugs.

Fall News Letter

It is starting to get that time of the year again. That being said, the way this summer has been, we have had plenty of cool days that would make you think at times fall is already starting. However, fall will be upon us before we know it. Time to get ready for the fall fishing.

Generally speaking, we can have a good clue on the up coming fall fishing by the reports coming from the lake fisherman. This year the lake was off to a slow start but, as of now the fishing on the lake has rallied. Good news for us.

This coming fall salmon fishing, reports from the lake are positive and I suspect we will see a normal run of salmon. I do not foresee the water temperatures are to be a problem. And we should see the first runs of salmon, late August early September. These will be the wild fish. With the rest of the run coming in with the normal schedule, peeking late September.

This fall I am offering something new for early salmon season. That is, fishing for salmon in the morning and then doing some off the grid Brook Trout fishing in the afternoon. Mixing it up with big fish in the morning Brook Trout in the afternoon.

This fall I am also offering two separate spey casting clinics on the Salmon River. Date for the casting clinic are
Clinic 1; September 5 Saturday, starting time 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM. Meet at Pineville fishing excess parking
Clinic 2; October 3 Saturday, starting time 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM. Meet at 2.A fishing excess parking
There are limited spaces available for both casting clinics. Pre- registration is advisable. If needed there is equipment available for your use. Both Spey rods and switch rods. The cost is $125.00 per person. To reserve your spot in the clinic a $50 deposit is required.

Steelhead; we had an amazing run of steelhead last season. It is hard to tell if we will have a strong run again this year. However, I do anticipate our steelhead runs to be strong. When conditions are favorable lake fishermen are having great success for steelhead, a good sign for us.

Brown Trout; this has been the one constant for the lake fisherman. If the reports are accurate from the lake, we should see a good run this fall. As always, water flows in our Brown trout creeks are the biggest contributors to the quality of the run.  A wet rainy November is always best for a strong run of brown trout.

Fall fishing schedule;
Fishing the Salmon River from late August to mid October.
Fishing the Salmon River from mid October to November.
Brown Trout;
Fishing Western New York tributaries until late December.

At this point I still have ideal days available for September, October and late November. For more information, or to answer any questions Please contact Jay of Jay Peck guides, Cell 585-233-0436 or e-mail

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