Monday, August 24, 2015

Fishing conditions over the past week have remained stable. Water flows are stable and the Trick and Isonychia hatch continues to come off. The biggest concern so far is water temperatures. This is nothing new for this time of the year. Our best fishing is going to be in the morning, coolest water temperatures of the day. For now we will be fishing the morning shift. On all of our creeks and river that do not have these hatches try fishing terrestrial’s, beetles, hoppers and aunt and of course do not hesitate to break out the streamer box. The bigger trout are more focused on big bites of food than the little bugs. Keep in mind, Crayfish are just as important to big Brown Trout as they are to smallmouth bass in the rivers. The next big event is the upcoming Chinook salmon run, the start of the tributary season.

Other news;
 A reminder there is a upcoming, get the rust out, Sepy casting clinic is scheduled for Saturday September 5 on the Salmon River.
There is still of room for anyone interested in attending. Anyone who needs equipment there is equipment available. This is meant for anyone new to spey casting or needs to get there casting back in order before the fish starts to run.

There is still quality fishing days available in the guide calendar for September, salmon fishing and October salmon and steelhead fishing.

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