Thursday, July 30, 2015

The dog days of Summer have brought some of the best fishing conditions we have seen in two a half months. We have not received much, if any rain this past week. Judging by the up coming weeks weather forecast, we may see a slight thunderstorm but it’s going to be a hot and dry week. Water temperatures are definitely going to be affect. The fishing schedule that we have been running this past week will hold through this coming week. The schedule has been early morning to mid late morning and then late evening into dark. Do not be surprised if the evening fishing turns into night fishing. Once again warm water temperatures are going to be a concert.
Tricos are going all up and down the Oatka creek. This is a size 20 mayfly; the timing of the hatch is in the morning. You will want to be on the water around 7 AM, Depending air temperatures that day hatch will around up sometime between mid to late morning. On days when there is a stiff breeze flies such as ants and beetles can be very effective. Keep in mind these bugs will hit the water with a splash.  Do not worry about delicate casting when fishing these flies. In some river and creeks there is another mayfly starting to hitch is the Isonychia. This is a size 12 mayfly, that will be hitching into the fall.


I still have a strong and varied menu for trout fishing. From local morning Creek fishing to more off the grid brook trout fishing. If you need trout fix or having trouble finding water in fishing condition. Please feel free to give me a call cell 585-233-0436

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