Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Note; at this time of writing this update Oatka is flowing at 4.00 at this flow Oatka is way too high to fish.
With all the rain we have been receiving, looks like we should stop tying flies and start building an ark. We have received an epic amount of rain for the month of June. I do not know exactly what the rainfall amounts are but this past month has been incredibly wet. Right now all of our rivers and creeks are experiencing high water flows. Few rivers are in fishbowl, and those that are barely fishbowl. We can definitely use a little bit of dry weather.
Judging by the upcoming forecast, we are still going to be getting a fair amount rain for the foreseeable future. There is so much moisture in the ground that it is taking longer than normal for waterfalls to come back down. Looks like we will be working out of the streamer box some time more. By now the trout should be well tuned into eating crayfish, Leeches and oak leaf bugs. This tape of food will grow big strong trout really fast. Fish with at list 3X tippet, the takes can be very fast and aggressive.
We are in one of those periods where we are between hatches. The sulfur hatch is winding down and most of the caddis have ran there hatch cycle. We are now waiting on the start of our summer hatches. We should see the first of these summer hatches starting in a week or two. These hatches will be morning hatches, now it is time to start fishing the ‘’A’’ shift. If the water flows come down and allow us to do a little dry fly fishing. It is time to break out the ants and beetles. We have been having great success lately with a basic pattern, an olive Adams in size 16 and 14.

This pass Saturday June 27th we had the Spey Nations, Spey clave. It was a good time and good to see everyone there. I will be offering two spey casting clinic this fall. September 3 and October 5, anyone interested in attending the class please contact, me as soon as possible. Space is limited for this class. Cell 585-233-0436

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