Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Note; at the time of posting this update, Oatka creek this flowing over the 4 foot mark, too high to fish at this time. Best fishing starts at the 3.2 mark on down. Oatka should be fishbowl with in a few days. Granted we do not get too much rain between now and then.

The rain just keeps coming. it is starting to look like we are having a wet cool month. All of our rivers and creeks are marginally fishbowl. This means you’ll need to evaluate water flows and conditions the day that you intend to fish.  With these higher water flows, and slightly stained water do not let this discourage you. If the water is a little high and off-color, grab the stream box. These higher water flows will knock large food items loose, Such as crayfish and big Stone fly nymphs and send these food items a drift. The larger trout will take advantage of the off-color water and use it as cover. Big trout that we normally need to fish for after dark, are now out and feeding at a, more reasonable daytime hours. The bug hatches are continuing along at a normal pace. Lots of Caddies activity from mid to late afternoon until dark, with a few Gray faxes and March Brown’s mixed in. Along with these bugs, hatches the sulphurs continue to hatch every evening. As for the evening spinner falls, weather conditions will determining if the spinner fall happens. On stormy evening, there will be no spinner return, however keep in mind the following evening if conditions are favorable the spinner fall can be more intense. This is because extra mayflies have you been stored up due to weather conditions.
Been on the Salmon River over the last few days. The trout fishing on the Salmon and the surrounding creek is holding up OK, despite water conditions. Spent some time looking for Atlantic salmon, with all the water and ideal water temperatures. It has been quite challenging to find any Atlantic salmon, but yes we did. The Salmon River water flow at this time is at 750 CFS Plus runoff.
This coming Saturday June 27th is going to be the Spey Nations,  Spey clave. It will be held on the Salmon River at the Pineville fishing access parking lot starting at 8 AM running throughout today. I will be one of the presenters putting on a casting demonstration, casting switch rods. I will be offering a spey casting clinic on Sunday June 28.  Anyone interested in attending the class please contact, me as soon as possible. Space is limited for this class. Cell 585-233-0436


If you are interested or have questions about fishing the upper Genesee River, or the more adventurous outing. Exploring off the grid Brook Trout fishing. A long with this, I am now offering my evening hatch special for the local trout water, this is offered at a reduced rate. This is an excellent opportunity to get a fishing tune up. If you have any questions please feel free to give me a call, cell 585-233-0436

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