Thursday, June 25, 2015

At the time of posting this update, Oatka creek, this flowing around the 3.0 mark. This is an excellent flow for fishing Oatka, especially if you’re interested in fishing with dry flies. Obviously this flow is dependent on how much rain we receive on a given day.
As you can imagine this past week the fishing has been challenging due to water flows. Depending on which river or creek you decide to fish, there could be a large variation in conditions. With all the rain and saturated ground we will need to continue monitoring water flows carefully. This is nothing new the way this season has been going. The bright side is with all the water we have been getting, the July and August trout fishing should be out standing. Starting with central and western New York, trout water, Oatka creek and the Genesee River water flows are on the high side of fishable but, definitely with in good conditions to fish with a dry fly. There is stile sulphurs hatching, even though we are nearing the end of this particular hatch. Look for a mixes of caddis, in a variety of sizes and colors. Also when conditions are right look for spinner falls around dusk. If water flows are a little high or water color is a little off. Do not hesitate to fish streamers.  This is always an excellent opportunity for big trout.
Our off the grid Trout water, Is pretty much following the same conditions and bug hatches. This past week these creeks and rivers were not practical for fishing due to high water flows. Normally water flows rise and drop quickly in these watersheds but due to all the rain the ground is saturated here too. Fishing Conditions are definitely improving considerably this week.

This coming Saturday June 27th is going to be the Spey Nations, Spey clave. It will be held on the Salmon River at the Pineville fishing access parking lot starting at 8 AM running throughout today. I will be one of the presenters putting on a casting demonstration, casting switch rods. I will be offering a spey casting clinic on Sunday June 28.  Anyone interested in attending the class please contact, me as soon as possible. Space is limited for this class. Cell 585-233-0436

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