Saturday, June 6, 2015

Be careful for what you ask for, you may just get it. We needed rain and did we ever get it. Last weekend we got almost 4 inches of rain. We were dry and our Creeks and rivers were low, not anymore. It has taken most of the week for water flows to settle down to being even close to fishing levels. This recent round of rain may have been inconvenient but was just what we desperately need.  
Starting with Oatka creek, we are back on track with all of our bug hatches, Caddis are still coming off on a daily basis from late afternoon till evening, Gray fox and March Brown’s are trickling off from midafternoon until dark. And of course the Sulfur hatch continues to grow with the intensity every evening growing, with the daily bug activity finishing off with a sulfur spinner return. We are having some of the best dry fly fishing so far this season. When there is no service activity, try fishing nymphs and wet flies.  We have been having good success with hairs ears wet flies, various partridge wet flies and for nymph Lightning bugs, hairs ears and pheasant tails. There is often multiple hatches going on at one time, If one fly pattern is not working, switch out and try another pattern.  As for any other trout water such as the Genesee River and the Cohocton River bug activity is running very close to what is going on with Oatka Creek.
All that ran we get last week has brought the water flow on the Salmon River way up. At one Pont flows over 2000 CSF. With this large increase in water flow and cooler temperatures, it is time to look for Atlantic Salmon. If these fish are going to run they will run in these conditions.
A reminder, there is going to be a spey clave at the Pineville fishing access on the Salmon River Saturday June 27.  This event is free to everyone and there is a lunch provided. I will be putting on a casting demonstration that day. The following day Sunday, June 28 I will be holding a spey casting clinic if interested please contact me.


If you are interested or have questions about fishing the upper Genesee River, or the more adventurous outing. Exploring off the grid Brook Trout fishing. A long with this, I am now offering my evening hatch special for the local trout water, this is offered at a reduced rate. This is an excellent opportunity to get a fishing tune up. If you have any questions please feel free to give me a call, cell 585-233-0436

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