Saturday, May 9, 2015

I know it’s been over a week since my last update. As the saying goes, been on the water a lot lately. As of this writing I am still on the Salmon River finishing up the steelhead season. It has been very dry over the last few weeks. Obviously we all know that. As result water flows have come down to the summer minimum flow of 185 cfs.  As many of you know I’m good at adjusting to the given conditions.  The low water flows at this stage of spring is nothing new. As always we adjust to the giving conditions.  The steelheads have long since completed there spawning and are now dropping out of the river. As the fish work there out of the river they go on the feed. This provides us a unique opportunity, especially for the spey fisherman.  Steelhead fishing in the month of May is what I call swing season. This is when the swinging fly is the most effective technique to fish for steelhead. There is no one spot that has a big concentration of fish, so we must cover a lot more river. A swing fly is the most efficient technique to cover water. The steelheads are on the hunt now, looking for food. If they are on the bite they will go and get the fly. We need to find those fish. The more water we cover, the more fish we will catch.
The trout streams, I will be there in a bout a week are two. As of now the spring hatches are well under way.  All of our creeks and rivers are now having a Hendrickson hatch plus a few olives and some caddis hatching. Expect to see these hatches around midday to mid afternoon. At this point, it is also warm enough to see a Hendrickson spinner fall in the evening. Keep in mind for a spinner fall to happen we need air temperatures to be above 60°. If this does not happen on a particular evening expect the spinner fall to be more intense the following evening. Many of you know that our local trout streams where myself and many of us fish, has been decimated by a fish eating duck known as the American Morganza. To what extent the damage really is only time will tell. Most of the trout water that we enjoy fishing is made up with wild natural reproducing Brown trout. At best it’s going to take a few years to recover. There are some sections of our creek where it has been stocked with brown trout, this will fish as it always has. I am in the process of working on a few unique trout fishing adventures. For now all I can say is stay tuned.

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