Monday, May 25, 2015

A brook trout from our off the grid exploratory Creek

This past week has been more of a week of transition from me. Finally starting to put more time on the trout streams. However still cannot let go of the Steelhead water. That being said, the first Atlantic Salmon of the summer has been landed. The steelheads are still slowly trickling out of the river and providing some good times for the swinging fly. We have been spending some time exploring some off the grid Brook trout water. There is a lot of fishing miles and a whole new River and ecosystem to learn. Getting out of your comfort zones and learning new rivers is definitely an enjoyable experience. This river definitely does not want to give up its secrets easily, however every day we learn something new and the pieces are quickly coming together. The fishing on this river is not technically difficult but it most definitely has its quirks.
The trout fishing around home is progressing at it’s normal pace. Oatka Creek this summer, the main focus is going to have to be along the trail section. There is a mixes of hold over trout from last summer and newly stacked trout. We should fine some nice size trout this summer in this section of the creek. The hatches along the trail are not as intense as other sections of Oatka creek.  This will actually help with the quality of fishing. We should not experience being bugged out, too many bugs on the water. At this point the Hendrickson and olive hatch is about Long over. We are now in to the light caddis hatch, this is a size 14-lit olive body with a light brown– Ginger wing. Expect to see this hatch coming off somewhere between mid to late afternoon well into evening. This particular caddis hatch is a perfect opportunity to fish both wet flies and skeeter adult caddis dry flies. We are also having March Brown’s and soon to come gray fox hatch, this is also a mid day to late afternoon hatch. We are seeing the first of the sulfurs starting to hatch in various locations along Oatka creek. The Genesee River, What I referred to as the upper Genesee in Allegheny County. Has received considerable amount of rainfall over the last few days. The Genesee should be back to fishing by mid week. All is well with the fishing world on the Genesee, We got lots of bugs and the Genesee is fishing good.
If you are interested or have questions about fishing the upper Genesee River, or the more adventurous outing and exploring off the grid brook trout fishing. Feel free to give me a call, cell 585-233-0436

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