Sunday, March 15, 2015

Looks like the weather has made a big change. We have head above freezing weather. We have lost a lot of sown over the past week. Starting with western New York; the ice has cleared out of all of our larger rivers. The smaller rivers and creeks are still a mixed bag some are still locked up and others are flowing freely. River conditions are changing rapidly, we still need to monitor our favorite rivers close. Please note as I’m writing this update the Genesee River access through Seth Green is still closed, concerns about ice and rocks falling from the edge of the gorge. The best I can tell you, if you’re suffering from cabin fever and need to get out, it is worth at least checking out conditions on your favorite water. Keep in mind conditions can and do change quickly. If we are not fishing our river or creek, we will soon.
The Salmon River; water flows are still at 350 CFS; we will need to continue to monitor water flows as the spring thaw continues. Ice conditions on the Salmon River have improved considerably over the last few days. As of now the only section of river we have to worry about ice is the bottom section, primarily the Douglaston salmon run. Even here I suspect this will clear over the next few days. Along with the ice clearing out, we have also lost a lot of snow, walking along the banks of river has becoming considerably easier. With all the snowmelt flowing into the river, water temperatures have taken a plunge. As result the fishing has become last consistent. The fishing is happening one day and quiet the next. This on and off fishing can be easily predicted. It is all about the melting snow. When we get a lout of melting snow flowing in to the river, the water temps drop. Keep in mine; snowmelt is nothing more than liquid ice.  Warm days means melting snow means hyper cold-water temperatures, the fish do not like to be chilled down.  This may mean on warm days the best fishing will be in the mornings, before the cold snowmelt water hits the rivers.


I have days available for late March early April, fishing oak Orchard River and the surrounding creek. There is also days available for mid April into made May on the Salmon River. If interested or have any questions please feel free to give me a call. Cell 585-233-0436

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