Sunday, March 8, 2015

Looks like old Man Winter might be loosening his grip at least ever so slightly. The long-range weather forecast is for some considerably warmer weather; Temperatures might actually get above freezing.  However I do not think, this so-called warming trend, will be enough to get the western New York Rivers and creeks flowing. But hopefully weather patterns are finally starting to look like spring.
As of now there has been a few small changes with the fishing. Once again the only game in town continues to be the Salmon River. Water flows on this river have increased slightly this past week. Flows have increased to 350 CFS, this is not a big flow increase, but it is some. The increase in water flow has not negatively affected the steelhead fishing. We are still concentrating all of our efforts in the upper river. The stone fly bite we have been experiencing, continues to be popping, nothing has changed here. We are using a variety size 10 and eight Black and golden stone flying nymph patterns. I suspect this pattern to continue or intensify until spring snow run off hits the Salmon River. We have also seen the first true signs of spring this week. That is a stonefly that I refer to as winter stone. This is actually more of a group of Stoneflies, than an individual Stonefly. There is a size range to this group of stoneflies, ranging from a size 16 to 8. What does this mean to us, first the rivers are starting to wake up, spring is coming. Second this bug activity get the fish into a grabby mood, when you see these bugs on the snow you know there is bite going on. Spring is coming and we will be on the water soon.

                                                 Spring News Letter
                                                        Jay Peck
                                       Jay peck guides 585-233-0436

I hope this letter finds everyone in good spirits. I know at this time we’re still in the grips of winter. However, despite all the cold and snow spring will eventually come. With spring so will the spring steelhead run.
Looks like the strong runs of steelhead, we were experiencing this pass fall is continuing through the winter. Judging by the quality of winter steelhead fishing we are experiencing right now, I am anticipating that we will experience a better than average spring steelhead season.

We are getting the snow that we need and the snow just keeps coming. As of now, there is about 8’ snow pack on the top of the Salmon River water shed. Even Western New York has a good snow pack growing. Looks like we will have the run off we need to get the spring steelhead runs going.
As of now, it looks like we will be on a normal spring steelhead schedule. I will continue my fishing efforts between the Salmon River and Western New York rivers until mid to late march or until the spring run off hits the Salmon River.  Once this happens, I will concentrate my efforts in the western New York temperatures, which is not as negatively affected by spring run off.  I will concentrate my fishing efforts here until mid April. Then move to the Salmon River for the rest of the steelhead season, finishing up by mid May. I still have prime fishing date available for both for the Western New York Rivers and the Salmon River.

If you have any questions please feel free to give me a call
Cell 585-233-0436
Jay Peck

             My spring fishing schedule is follows

Now until mid March - moving between the Salmon River and Oak Orchard and Sandy.
Mid March to mid April – fishing Oak Orchard and Sandy

Mid April to mid May – Salmon River

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