Saturday, February 7, 2015

Old man winter continues to hold his grip on our rivers. However every so often we get a slight break in the weather and we can get out and do a little fishing. Starting with Weston New York, nothing is changed much here. Everything remains locked up in ice or in low water conditions. Basically all of our rivers either are froze over or full of snow. For now the only exception is the Genesee River. The fishing on the Genesee continues to be inconsistent, you need to go fish and see if it’s happening. A word of caution continues to be needed here. Do to the cold weather and low water flows shelf ice along the river can be very dangerous. Use caution when fishing the Genesee River.
We have been doing our fishing on the Salmon River. This is ware we are finding the best water flows and the most consistent fishing. The water flow on the salmon for most of the past week was 500 CFS. The water flow has been reduced back down to 285 CFS. As always when we planning to fish the Salmon River we need to monitor the water flow prior to our trip. The recent bump of water has apparently pulled in a few new fish into the upper river. On our last run to the Salmon River we experienced some very good winter steelhead fishing. We concentrated our efforts in the upper section of the Salmon River. Hear we had our best results dead drifting black stonefly nymphs, in size 8.  

I do have a few notes to pass along, First we have finally posted three videos from Lost River Productions on my website. Please feel free to go to my website and have a look. Go to

My Guide calendar is now open and I am taking dates for the upcoming fishing season, from spring through fall. If you’re planning on fishing with me please do not wait, get your dates. Cell 585-233-0436

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