Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Judging by the way the weather forecast looks for this week. Winter is not going to be too collaborative for fishing. However the good news is that we received a good shot of rain all through the region earlier this week. Looks like Westin New York Tributaries are finally going to have some decent water flows. As of now we are seeing Water flows rising relatively quickly in all the tributaries. With a sharp increase in Water flows we are going to have a lots of discolored run off in all of our river and streams looks like the cold weather is not going to really hurt us much. It is going to be the end of this coming week before most of our river and streams become fishable anyways.
Ones the weather turns around and we get back on the water, fishing conditions should improve. Look for a fresh run of steelhead in all of the Westin New York Tributaries. Productive flies; not much has change; we are still having good success with white streamers when it comes to the Brown Trout. We will need to do a little experimenting to find out what colors are working the best, on any given day.

The Salmon River has been flowing at 750 CFS this week. When we add run off to this flow, we have a little more water that is comfortable for winter steelhead fishing. Water flows has come up 1200 CFS recently.  Despite this, the fishing over the past week has been decent. Fish are being fond all through the river. However judging by the weather forecast for this coming week. The Salmon River area is going to be receiving whole lot of snow. Plus with the colder weather icing is going to be a constant issue on the river itself. During this cold snap concentrate your efforts in the upper river.
As always, experimentation and persistence was more important than one particular fly pattern. With the recent round of High water flows, we may find that there is a strong egg bite going on

The days are now shorter so is the time we spend on the water each day. I am running my winter special from now until March 15. The fishing day starts around 8:30 AM, on the water bye 9 AM until 3 PM. This is designed to take vantage of the best part of the fishing day. Interested or have any questions please feel free to give me a call. Call 585-233-0436

February 2, 2015 through March 16, 2015 Our advanced class is a course on how to tie imitate the hatch fly's and how to fish them. Will address from nymphs, emerges, duns and spinner . We will tie all the Major hatches for most of NY and Pa. Waters timing of the hatches water temperature for the various hatches. Interested or have any questions please feel free to give the shop a call. Call 585-352-4775

The "Introduction to fly tying for beginners" will give the novice fly tyer a great introduction into the world of fly tying. Fly tying books and videos can be a very good resource, but only after you have learned fly tying basic techniques - which we will teach you. Personal fly tying instruction, right at your elbow to assist and answer your questions, something books and video can’t do. This class is also beneficial for the fly tyer who needs a refresher course in fly tying techniques and the handling of new materials.

Interested or have any questions please feel free to give the shop a call. Call 585-352-4775

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