Friday, December 26, 2014

This week it looks like we may have some decent fishing conditions. Starting with Western New York’s, most of the sown has melted off and water flows are starting to come down once again. We are back to low water conditions once again.  The western end of the state seems to be still in a very dry cycle. There is a few fish scattered in all the pools from the dam on down river. The streamer fishing continues to be productive in the slow deep water of the Oak Orchard River. This is where the bulk of the brown trout are found. The browns here are hungry and aggressively pursuing food. Productive flies; we are have good success with white streamers when it comes to the Brown Trout. We will need to do a little experimenting to find out what colors are working the best, on any given day.

The Salmon River: water flows have been increased over the last few days once again. As of now water flow on the Salmon River is at 1500 CFS, this is way more water that is comfortable for winter steelhead fishing. Judging by the way this weeks weather forecast is supposed to be, we should be back to fishing soon. As always, when we have a sharp increase in water flows, we can count on a fresh run of fish. We ware fishing the lower part of the Salmon River in the DSR, last week be for the water came up. We head very good fishing and the steelheads were all over chasing a swinging fly. Besides being a lot of fun to swing flies for steelhead, it also tells us that there is a strong study trickle of new fish entering the river on a consistent basis. Looks like the winter steelhead fishing on the Salmon River is setting up very nicely. All we need now is to have the water flows come down to 750 CFS or less and we can take full advantage of the opportunity.
Productive flies, this past week has been a mix of everything. Large intruders, streamers, nymph and egg flies, were all working at some point or another. Once again, experimentation and persistence was more important than one particular fly pattern. With the recent round of High water flows, we may find that there is a strong egg bite going on in New York or river. This egg bite could last for three days to a week, once workflows settle down.

The days are now shorter so is the time we spend on the water each day. I am running my winter special from now until March 15. The fishing day starts around 8:30 AM, on the water bye 9 AM until 3 PM. This is designed to take vantage of the best part of the fishing day. Interested or have any questions please feel free to give me a call. Call 585-233-0436

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Starting with Western New York. Once again we are left out of desperately needed rain, late last week. New York State got hit with Quality rainfall. Unfortunately the Western tributaries of Lake Ontario were just on the northern edge of the Weather front. The result waterfalls still are painfully low. As you can imagine, This does not help the fishing at all. Fish are kind of funny, they do not like sitting in rivers that do not have water. True to form, just when you think the conditions are going to stay, everything changes. The low water conditions that we are experiencing in Western New York as of this time about to go away. The Oak Orchard watershed has received over 16 inches of snow in the past storm, cannot complain about being left out this time. My guess is by the end of this week we will see sharply improved water flow due to snowmelt and hopefully some rainfall. Once this happens we may see a good run of steelhead ones fishing conditions improve. As I always say fishing conditions can and do change quickly.
In the present low water conditions the most productive fishing, is fishing the estuary portions. Here you will find Post spawn Brown trout feeding areas minnows. We are having the best success with White bunny flies in size 6 and 4. Once the water flows come up, we will need to do a little experimenting to see what the fish one. Try your favorite egg patterns.
The Salmon River, water flows have remained high through this past week.   The flows are now finally starting to come down to a comfortable winter fishing level. As of now water flows are at 500 CFS, this is a good flow for winter steelhead fishing. At this point I cannot make it decent call, If those water flows will remain consistent or not. The Salmon River watershed has received about 8 to 10 inches of snow from the past storm. As always we will need to continue to monitor water flows.

Productive flies, this past week has been a next of everything. Large intruders, streamers, nymph and egg flies, were all working at some point or another. Once again, experimentation and persistence was more important than one particular fly pattern.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The fishing this past week has been a bit more consistent. However looking forward we are in for another challenging week, typical for this time of the year.
Starting with Western New York. Water flows over the past week has been very good, surprisingly is that temperatures also remained really consistent. This made for a good week of fishing.  As always, we are in for some changes in conditions. Many of our rivers and creeks in western New York, this time of year get water supplementation from the canal system. This supplement water is now coming to an end. Waterfalls will be dropping significantly, if they have not already done so. We will soon be back to dealing with low water conditions. Hopefully we will get some good old-fashioned wet weather, either in the form of Snow or rain. From this point we will need to pay closer attention to water level conditions. Keep in mind water fluctuations often means new fish.
Productive flies; our favorite egg patterns are still performing very well, in the standard size and colors. There is now a lot of spawned out Brown trout looking for food. The streamer fishing has been very productive. We have been doing very well with size 6 bunny streamers and woolly buggers, in a wide range of colors. The best color we have found so far is white.
Salmon River; water flows have been very good all this week. Water levels have been flowing at 1200 CFS plus runoff. Look like water flow will hold up throughout the upcoming week. Increase in water flows has definitely brought in a few new fish. However the fishing on the salmon has been a little of the hot and cold story. A lot of this has to do with water temperature fluctuations, once again, the normal fishing headaches of this time of year. Along with having to deal with fluctuating water temperatures, the fishing pressure this past week has been very high for this time of year. Fortunately the bulk of the fishing effort is in the upper river, leaving mid river and lower river with considerably less fishing effort. Keep in mind the lower portion of the river may not have as many fish but they are often willing to play.
For productive flies; Stay with your favorite egg flies and size 12 through 8 and in your favorite colors. Do not be afraid to experiment with both fly size and color. The swing fly has been more productive this fall than in years past, Especially in the lower river. Both bunny style and intruder style flies have been very productive. As always keep these styles of flies no larger than 3 ½ inches for best results.

A fishing tip; dealing with challenging fishing conditions this time of year.

Lots of time and frustration, can be saved by paying attention to water temperature. Knowing if water temperatures are falling or rising, you can easily project where in the river the fish are sitting. Greatly reducing the amount of water that you have to this to find a fish that is willing to bite.