Monday, November 3, 2014

This past week, was move home week. We closed out the Salmon River portion of the fall campaign. For the next month I will be having Rick Smith do the guide work for me on the Salmon River. Many of you already know Rick Smith as a trusted guide and good friend. We are now fishing the Western New York tributaries for Lake run Brown trout. I will be concentrating on the Brown trout fishing for the next month. However I may be making a few trips to the Salmon River late November.

As for the fishing on the Salmon River, the water flows fluctuated only slightly this past week due to a little rainfall. However the water release continues to remain constant at 350 CFS. The water flow this fall has been some of the most consistent water flows I have seen in many years.
The steelhead fishing took a slight downturn over the last few days. This down turn in the fishing activity was due to the cold snap and plumbing water temperature. The slow fishing is only temporary, once the temperatures warm up so will water temperatures. Once water temperatures improve so will the pace of the steelhead fishing.

The fishing in Western New York, It is Brown Trout time once again for the western New York tributaries. Despite low clear water flows in all of our creek and rivers, The Brows have made an early showing this fall. We had a slow down in the brown trout fishing late this past week. The slow down in the fishing was due to the recent cold snap. Water temperatures drop below 36°, slowing down the brown trout run in the smaller creeks. Ones the cold snap is over the fishing picked back up.

Productive flies; starting with this Salmon River when it comes to egg flies we have been getting the best bites with size 10 egg patterns. However steelhead have been so hot that we are having a hard time holding on to them. As a result we have been forced to size up to a size 8 fly when it comes to fishing egg pattern. For swing flies for the steelhead, we have been able to use a variety of wet flies and intruders.

Flies for the Brown trout, it is an egg fly game. Do to the low water flows we have had the best results with size 10 egg patterns and colors of orange, Oregon cheese and chartreuse.

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