Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Starting with Western New York, We have finally had enough Snow and rain to at least temporarily raise, the water flows in all our rivers and creeks. Hopefully we will see a late run of Brown trout and an early run of winter steelhead. This would make for a nice mixed bag of fish. This has been challenging week, with cold weather, wildly fluctuating water flows and grumpy fish. Well, it is that time of year. There is a lot going on with the fishing conditions this time of year. We need to just dell with it, and think our way through a tough day of fishing. We now have had A month of brown trout spawning in our rivers and creeks. This means there are plenty of spawned out Brown trout looking for big bites of food. For us this means two things, First the streamer fishing is definitely turning on. The second consideration is that, the trout are now using more of the rivers. The pool fishing is becoming more productive, more water to hunt through to find a fish. For the productive flies, we are still using our favorite egg flies. But now we are expanding our fly box to include A few woolly buggers in colors of black, brown and white, plus a few white and gray streamers.

The Salmon River, water flows have finally increased.  Water flow release at the damn is at 750 CFS plus run off. This will definitely freshen up the fishing and keep the steelhead fishing at a good pace. Keep in mind I do not expect the steelhead fishing to be overly easy. I have been rating the fishing as above average to excellence but technically demanding. This means if you know the river, the steelhead you will do just fine. As of now with the winter weather starting to settle in and water temperatures dropping, the steelheads are now moving into their winter water. This also means we need to slow down our presentation. Both when using dead drifting techniques and swinging techniques. For productive flies, with this increase in water flows, the egg bite is going to be strong through this coming week. Stay with your favorite egg flies and size 12 through 8 and in your favorite colors. Do not be afraid to experiment with both fly size and color. Keep in mind that we did have a light run of salmon this fall, as result there is not as many eggs in the system. The swing fly has been more productive this fall than in years past, Especially in the lower river. Both bunny style and intruder style flies have been very productive. As always keep these styles of flies no larger than 3 ½ inches for best results.

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