Sunday, September 14, 2014

Looks like we are having a normal start to the salmon season. We quickly got used to the early runs of salmon that we experienced over the last two seasons.  I suspect we will see an improvement in the numbers of fish this coming week. Over the last few days, I had seen a slow but steady increase in fish activities. It looks like the legacy of this past winter is still hanging on. According to the biologist. The salmon that they have examined, that have been caught in the lake, are under mature for this time of the year. Looks like the late spring and cold-water temperatures in the lake have slowed the rate of growth of the salmon. I am still at the opinion that we will have consistent runs of salmon soon. Remember as always when the fishing conditions do change, the changes will happen quickly.
Until then I am staying with my normal program fishing Lower River in the morning, for the Chinook salmon and then in the afternoon fishing the upper fly-fishing zone for steelhead or a Atlantic salmon. There is a small but growing number of Chinook salmon holding in the upper fly zone, however they are for the most part reluctant to grab a fly. This is nothing unusual, but with some persistence we are able to occasionally get one or two of these salmon to grab a fly.
For flies, down river we are using small intruders and various streamers. What is important is that the fly is not too bright and still able to get the fishes attention. Covering water is more import right now than the fly pattern. We need to find a fish that wants to grab the fly. Up river is a different story, we are having the best success fishing size 6 or a size 8 Brown and copper woolly bugger. Hear too it is important to cover as much water as possible to find a fish that wants to eat a fly.


I still have prime dates available for salmon fishing, In October the days are 1,2,5,6,7,8,9 and mid October 18,21,22,24,25 for steelhead fishing.  Anyone that has any questions, Feel free to give me a call at your convenience cell is 585-233-0436

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