Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Looks like the salmon are starting to move finally. We have seen more of a study trickle over the last few days. However do not mistake this for an actual run of salmon, yet. What we are seeing is Salmon running in singles and doubles first thing in the morning. In a good morning this activity will go well into the afternoon. But this is only happened a couple of times this week. At this point the salmon run is running way behind schedule. As I said many times this can change dramatically and quickly. When the salmon finally do run, the run will be intense. It is just a matter of time, happen any time.
Water flows are staying steady for now at 335 CFS. This is the fall minimum flow. An increase in water flow will help the fishing a lot at this point. We will have to see what we have in store for rain going forward. Until the pass of the run picks up I am still fishing down river in the AM and fishing the fly zones in the PM. The fishing in the upper fly zone has steadily increased, as the numbers of salmon slowly increase in the upper river. The big challenge fishing here is that the fish are more reluctant to grab a fly at this time, than down river. But with the growing numbers of salmon, this will help the problem. We have found our best presentation for salmon has been either too dead drift the heads of the pools or swing the flying as slowly as we can, however steelhead will grab the slow presentation as well. Fortunately there is a large population of steelhead in the fly zones, for this time of the year. That is not to say that we do have a lot of steelhead around.
As for flies, I have been having my best success with the standard woolly buggers. In brown, black, olive. For size most of the fish have been taken size 6. We have also had success fishing size 8 and size 6 Black stoneflies in the fly zones.


I still have prime dates available for salmon fishing, In October the days are 1,2,5,7,8,9 and mid October16,17,18,21,24, for steelhead fishing.  Anyone that has any questions, Feel free to give me a call at your convenience cell is 585-233-0436

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