Friday, July 18, 2014

Been on the road over the past week or so. This time Florida, fishing for Tarpon. What I can tell you is, A 130 + pound Tarpon is not impressed with a 12 weight rod. The Tarpon fishing is tough to begin with, bad weather, windy conditions in cloudy skies that made spotting the fish all made the difficult. Sound familiar, go on a trip and have tough fishing conditions. Second part of the Florida fishing trip was the inshore fishing.  Hot water temperatures and the constant midday thunderstorms continue to plague us. However this time we found consistent fishing and caught nine different species of fish. Good to be home and out of the Florida heat in back to trout fishing.
Managed to get on our trout streams over the last few mornings, Can report lots of bugs. The summer hatches are well underway, the featured mayfly is now the Trico a size 20 may fly. The Trico is a early morning hatch, on like most mayflies, the Trico will Hatch late night too early in to the morning and while still on the wing, Will go through the spinner stage mate and fall back to the water. Like the trout, we fisherman will capitalize on the spinner fall. This is AM fishing, the whole mature lifecycle of the Trico Will only last a few hours. This means being on the stream somewhere between 6:30 to 7 AM and will be done around noon, at least for the spinner fall. After that try fishing ants and beetles in the shaded water and under the trees.
We have had a big bunch of rain this past week; as a result water flows are up but in ideal fishing levels. True to form there is a catch. The watercolor is heavily stained. I suspect this will clear itself out quickly, Time to fish.  Even though the flies are small these upcoming summer hatches can provide us some of the best dry fly fishing we will experience all season.

I have Time available for anyone that may be interested in experiencing morning Trico hatch. This is a great opportunity to brush up on your technical fishing skills. If interested please feel free to give me a call my cell is 585-233-0436

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