Sunday, July 27, 2014

Once again looks like we are getting significant rounds of rainfall.  These strong rainfalls do more than cause water flows to increase and caused the water to become discolored. This is definitely an inconvenience, however because we are getting all this rain we are going to have some excellent mid to late summer fishing.
This week was the week of fish hunting. Lots of bugs, but few fish to be found. I covered a lot of water up and down the Oatka creek this past week. Obviously we are still suffering from the legacy of this past winner and the damage from the fish eating ducks. Normally Oatka creek is one of the best creeks for fishing the Trico hatch. On the bright side, I have located several small pods of fish spread out over the miles of Oatke. So to sum up the fish population and numbers, As we all know the numbers are way down, But there’s plenty fish to keep things interesting if you’re willing to do a little hunting.  As for the Trico hatch it self, There is a strong hatch almost every morning. Expect the bugs to be on the water when it’s hot, some where around 7:30 AM and cooler mornings expect the bugs to hit the water somewhere around 9:00 AM. Once the Trico spinners are through, try fishing ants and Beatles. Keep in mind, Even though the fishing pressure on Oatka and the other surrounding trout streams has been later then normal this season. This does not mean the trout do not know the game. Cast accurately, wade carefully and plan your approach to the fish with care.
We have been working on a new website and it is now live.  There is some new articles and soon we will be featuring some videos.

I am still running my hatch special, We will be fishing from 7 AM until noon. This is an ideal opportunity to brush up on your summer trout fishing skills. Cost for the day is 200$ for two people.

I know we are still in the middle of summer but the start of salmon season is only four weeks away. It is time to start planning your fall fishing trips. Jay’s cell 585-233-0436

Friday, July 18, 2014

Been on the road over the past week or so. This time Florida, fishing for Tarpon. What I can tell you is, A 130 + pound Tarpon is not impressed with a 12 weight rod. The Tarpon fishing is tough to begin with, bad weather, windy conditions in cloudy skies that made spotting the fish all made the difficult. Sound familiar, go on a trip and have tough fishing conditions. Second part of the Florida fishing trip was the inshore fishing.  Hot water temperatures and the constant midday thunderstorms continue to plague us. However this time we found consistent fishing and caught nine different species of fish. Good to be home and out of the Florida heat in back to trout fishing.
Managed to get on our trout streams over the last few mornings, Can report lots of bugs. The summer hatches are well underway, the featured mayfly is now the Trico a size 20 may fly. The Trico is a early morning hatch, on like most mayflies, the Trico will Hatch late night too early in to the morning and while still on the wing, Will go through the spinner stage mate and fall back to the water. Like the trout, we fisherman will capitalize on the spinner fall. This is AM fishing, the whole mature lifecycle of the Trico Will only last a few hours. This means being on the stream somewhere between 6:30 to 7 AM and will be done around noon, at least for the spinner fall. After that try fishing ants and beetles in the shaded water and under the trees.
We have had a big bunch of rain this past week; as a result water flows are up but in ideal fishing levels. True to form there is a catch. The watercolor is heavily stained. I suspect this will clear itself out quickly, Time to fish.  Even though the flies are small these upcoming summer hatches can provide us some of the best dry fly fishing we will experience all season.

I have Time available for anyone that may be interested in experiencing morning Trico hatch. This is a great opportunity to brush up on your technical fishing skills. If interested please feel free to give me a call my cell is 585-233-0436

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

I know it’s been sometime since my last update. But a lot has been going on over the last couple of weeks. First of all I spent seven days fishing for Atlantic salmon on the Matapedia River in Qu├ębec Canada. The salmon were running late, but you cannot catch a fish if your fly is not in the water. After a few days of hard fishing I did manage to catch a salmon. The Salmon measured 40 inches long and weighed approximately 30 pounds.  Truly a world class Fish, The fly was a size 2 rusty rat. It was a good time fishing with good friends on a great river. What can I say about Atlantic Salmon fishing, other than go do it.  The rewords are few and far between and it come slowly but it is well worth the effort.
Got back from Canada and went straight to the Spring creek for a couple of days of trout fishing and then back on the road once again. This time it was off to the west branch of the Delaware river for a couple of days. This year for fishing on the west branch has been A little tougher than normal. The big issue is the lack of bugs. There really has not been any heavy hatch this season. We need the strong hatches to get the fishing going. For now there is a few bugs on the west branch of the Delaware River. These are the summer sulfurs, Isonychia, blue wing olives. There is also A few spinners, in the evening and a few left over spenders can be found still drifting in the river on the lower end of the West branch in the morning. When the bugs do hatch it has been from early to mid afternoon. Keep in mind water temperatures are colder than you would expect. Water flows are being released from the bottom of the damn, as result water temperatures range from 42 to 49° depending on the weather that day.

As for Spring brook, there has been a few leftover sulfurs hatching and some sporadic spinner falls in the evening. Recently done my best fishing size 12 Black or brown woolly buggers and size 14 and 12 pink scuds. The supper hatch should be winding down over the next couple of weeks. From this point the mayfly hatch Will be over tell next spring. Will be fishing small screamers scuds and micro midge patterns.