Sunday, May 4, 2014

This spring seems to just keep going, great for steelhead fishing. May is just starting and judging by the way things are looking we gut at least another 2 to 3 weeks of good steelhead fishing. If you have not been on the water yet it is not too late. As of now water temperatures are still hovering in the mid 40° range, Fluctuating between 44 and 48° depending on the whether that given day. The biggest change is the water flows are finally starting to calm down. The flow still sounds high but flow is at 900 CFS at the present time. This may sound high but 900 CFS is the lowest water flow on the Salmon River has been in almost 2 months. We have had an amazing amount of water this spring. As for the fish activity, we have had heavy spawning activity now for two weeks. We should start to see few Fish that are finish with spawning and now starting to drop back in the pool. So far I have not found much for fish dropping back. I suspect this behavior will be starting soon. Swing season is about to start. This is one of the best times of year to fish for steelhead with a swinging fly. This is a prime opportunity to deploy a spey rod and sink tips for steelhead fishing.
We have recently received some decent rainfall, as result water flows in our local trout streams have come back up. Once again we are dealing with a big water spring. For now consider fishing screamers and large nymphs until water flows receipt. Fortunately this cool weather has slowed all the hatches for now. I suspect that we will have some decent dry fly-fishing by the mid week.


I still have several days available for May steelhead fishing. We will be fishing for drop back steelhead. This is a excellent opportunity to get familiar with a two-handed rod and sinking line techniques. If you’re interested please feel free to give me a call my cell number is 585–233–0436 please be patient I am often in poor cell receptive areas.

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