Friday, May 16, 2014

This spring continues to roll out it’s menu of challenges.  For a while I thought water fowls never going to starting to moderate. The rainfall has finally started to moderate. This is allowed water to settle down to a comfortable level of 750CFS. Hopefully we will be able to maintain A comfortable flow of water for the next couple of weeks. Despite the recent rainfall  cat has passed through the region.

 Yes we will steelhead still hanging out in the Salmon River for a couple more weeks. This has been A long drawn out steelhead run. If you are thinking about making that last run to the salmon for a steelhead, Concentrate your efforts in the mid to lower section of the river. There is still decent numbers of Fish in the upper section of the river, But they are reluctant to eat a fly. Ones these fish start to drop downriver, they start to become more interested in eating. So far the best technique we have found is to cover as much water as possible with the Drift boat and swinging flies with sink tips and spey rods. We need to  cover as much water as possible. Often active fish are found in small groups so you must Fish through a lot of water fast to find them.  As for fly patterns we are using A lot of brown and copper William buggers. Basically anything that looks like a good bite of food.
The in land Trout stream; water flows and temperatures have finally settled into shape. It is time to get on the water. The Hendrickson are now on. You should find hatches all your favorite trout streams as of now. Keep in mind that sometimes the trout don’t always feed the surface. There is often a strong nymphs drift that occurs A few hours before the mayflies show on the surface. It is not unusual for the trout feed heavily on these nymphs.


I still have days available for May steelhead fishing. We will be fishing for drop back steelhead. This is a excellent opportunity to get familiar with a two-handed rod and sinking line techniques. I will be starting my trout fishing season in another week. Here to I have Time available over the next few weeks. If you’re interested please feel free to give me a call my cell number is 585–233–0436 please be patient I am often in poor cell receptive areas.

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