Monday, May 26, 2014

Finally finished up the steelhead season, this year the run lingered a couple weeks later into spring longer than normal. Now it’s time to move our attention to the trout streams. Water flows have been a challenge of lately. Depending where you are fishing, you could have ideal water flows or you could be still waiting for waterfalls to come down. However despite the cool weather and late spring, our bug hatches seem to be running about on schedule. A few days of warm weather goes a long ways to getting everything back on schedule.

Over the next few weeks we are going to see a lot of bugs on our trout streams. As of now we have three different caddis hatching, the most prevalent is a size 14 light Caddis. There is also a small size 18 black Caddis and A size 14 caddis known as mothers day Caddis that is still hatching. For mayflies the sulfur are now starting to show up in all of our trout streams. Look for bug activity starting around midday and going through till dark. We will see the gray fox and March Brown’s soon. The next few weeks we will have some of the best dry fly fishing for entire trout season.

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