Monday, April 28, 2014

This is the fist week of fishing on the Salmon River. Water flows at first were very challenging, we were dealing with 3000 CFS water releases for the first few days. Also water clarity was extremely muddy. Some of the dirtiest water I have seen for the Salmon River in my entire experience of fishing this river. However despite the high water and muddy conditions, we have been having very good success. Obviously conditions have improved throughout the week. First water temperatures have increased to the mid 40° range. Also water flows have receded to a more favorable level of 1800 CFS. Water color is also improved, however the color of the water still remains heavily stained especially for the salmon.
Steelhead spawning activity has finally gotten under way. This is approximately two weeks behind the normal schedule. Also colder air temperatures are keeping water temperatures low. My suspicion is, we will be observing steelhead spawning activity for at least 2 to 3 more weeks. This means the Spring steelhead fishing is just getting started on the Salmon River.This also means we will have large numbers of steelheads holding in the upper river well into May. We are going to have some of the best May fishing we have seen in many years.
For productive flies; we have been using primarily size 4 and size 6 Black and silver woolly buggers. Also Black leeches, stoneflies, Little rainbow streamers, Have all been taking their share of fish. Basically darker In the dirty water and brighter Color flies in the lower light conditions.
The trout streems, water flows have come down and they are stetting to fish. I have been getting reports of the hendricksons hatching in most of our local trout streams. For now, the hatch is coming off around mid afternoon. Plan on decent nymph fishing from noon until the bugs start to hatch.

I still have several dates available for the month of May steelhead fishing. We will be doing variety of site fishing and swinging flies for drop back steelhead. Also will be employed the Driftboat and or the raft depending on conditions to cover as much water as needed. If interested please feel free to give me a call. Please be persistent due to the fact that I am often and poor cell coverage. My cell number is 585–233–0436.

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