Monday, April 28, 2014

This is the fist week of fishing on the Salmon River. Water flows at first were very challenging, we were dealing with 3000 CFS water releases for the first few days. Also water clarity was extremely muddy. Some of the dirtiest water I have seen for the Salmon River in my entire experience of fishing this river. However despite the high water and muddy conditions, we have been having very good success. Obviously conditions have improved throughout the week. First water temperatures have increased to the mid 40° range. Also water flows have receded to a more favorable level of 1800 CFS. Water color is also improved, however the color of the water still remains heavily stained especially for the salmon.
Steelhead spawning activity has finally gotten under way. This is approximately two weeks behind the normal schedule. Also colder air temperatures are keeping water temperatures low. My suspicion is, we will be observing steelhead spawning activity for at least 2 to 3 more weeks. This means the Spring steelhead fishing is just getting started on the Salmon River.This also means we will have large numbers of steelheads holding in the upper river well into May. We are going to have some of the best May fishing we have seen in many years.
For productive flies; we have been using primarily size 4 and size 6 Black and silver woolly buggers. Also Black leeches, stoneflies, Little rainbow streamers, Have all been taking their share of fish. Basically darker In the dirty water and brighter Color flies in the lower light conditions.
The trout streems, water flows have come down and they are stetting to fish. I have been getting reports of the hendricksons hatching in most of our local trout streams. For now, the hatch is coming off around mid afternoon. Plan on decent nymph fishing from noon until the bugs start to hatch.

I still have several dates available for the month of May steelhead fishing. We will be doing variety of site fishing and swinging flies for drop back steelhead. Also will be employed the Driftboat and or the raft depending on conditions to cover as much water as needed. If interested please feel free to give me a call. Please be persistent due to the fact that I am often and poor cell coverage. My cell number is 585–233–0436.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

The fishing has tacking a turn for the positive this week. Water flows have receded and water temps have come up, despite the cloud snap earlier this week. We had a great week of fishing the Western New York tributaries. The water was high and muddy, but the steelhead is there and on the bit. We just needed to look through the mud to find the fish. I often say love the mud. When it comes to steelhead fishing we do need to learn to fish in less than ideal conditions. This year is a perfect example of this. We still have high water flows in most of the rivers and creek in the Western New York. This spring most of steelhead run has happen under the cover of high muddy water. If we wait for so-called ideal fishing conditions, we can easily miss most of the steelhead run. Because our spring steelhead season is running about 2 to 3 weeks behind schedule, I suspect there is about 1 to 2 more weeks of fishing on the Oak Orchard River. However it is time for me to move the guide service to the Salmon River. At some point you just have to make the move and it is time to move.

The Salmon River, water flows over last week were monstrous to say the least. Some of the biggest water flows I have seen in some time. It one point water flows came close to 9000 CFS, and stayed that way for approximately 24 hours. Water flows like this will make changes in the River itself. Fortunately water flows have started to recede and are now approaching normal high water spring flows. As of now flows are at 2250 CFS, we need to monitor water flows closely because I suspect flows will be changing often. For now water temperatures on the Salmon River are just now starting to approach 40°. This means spawning activity is not really got started yet. Because of this I suspect we'll have excellent steelhead fishing well into middle May this year. If you have not got your steelhead fix yet don't panic there is still plenty of time.


I still have several days available in early to mid-May available. This will be fishing the Salmon River, may is an excellent time to swing flies for steelhead and get accustomed to fishing with spey rods. However because we are having such a late spring I still suspect we'll have excellent site fishing during the first week of May. Also I still have days available in April along with my other guides. If interested please feel free to give me a call on my cell. Be patient and consistent due to the fact that I am often in poor reception. My cell number is 585-233-0436

Monday, April 14, 2014

Looks like we traded ice in the rivers, for high muddy water flows. Yes we got high water flows. All of the rivers and streams in Western New York went over their banks this past week. Water flows have come down enough so that we can get back to fishing by the weekend. Starting with Western New York which is where I am fishing for steelhead at this time. Water conditions are marginal at best. Flows are high and water color is extremely muddy. However water temperatures are improving daily, at this point water temperature is more important to us than water clarity. We are a now at ideal water temperature of the steelhead starting their spawning cycle. Keep in mind because of the cold winter and late spring things are running approximately 2 to 3 weeks behind schedule. We need to get out and access the given water conditions were fishing on a daily basis. As for what to use for flies. That to take on a daily basis, Be prepared to fish egg flies and nymphs, to a large Leach and intruder patterns. The warmer and dirtier the water, the bigger the fly.

The Salmon River: The water flows are up here too. From this point we will need to pay close attention to water levels. As of now water flows are at 5200 cfs release, the Pineville gauge is showing over 5380 cfs. Looks like the spring snow runoff has started. We have a lot of snow to melt off in the Salmon River water shed. Judging by the water gauge, the snow is melting off very fast. Water temperatures are at this time still very cold holding between, 33 – 34 degrees. I do not suspect water temperatures to change much for a couple more weeks. With water temperatures this cold the fish do not know it is spring yet. As for flies, stay with collection of winter pattern, black stone fly nymphs and small egg flies have been the top producing patterns over the past.

With the present water flows, we are obviously not fishing the main River. However the creeks are in good fishing conditions. This is where we need to concentrate our fishing efforts for now. When the Salmon River gets big, look for the smaller surrounding water.

The trout fishing; due to the fact that winter is having a hard time letting go, the land trout fishing is having a slow start. We probably will not see any hatches for a few weeks. However the water flows improve enough we may be able to do a little streamer and nymphs fishing.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

It has been some time since my last up dated.  It has been a long winter, but we are back to fishing. Because the winter has been what it is the spring steelhead run is running about two weeks behind schedule.  The sown run off is finally coming there and the water temperatures will be coming up. The Salmon River water flows are starting to climb, for now the flow is 1200 CFS. But there is a lot of sown to run off. The water flow will be going up over the next few weeks. I have been able to do some winter fishing on the salmon. When I was able get on the water the fishing has been very good. There appears to be good numbers of fish that are running in the Salmon River, waiting to spawn. Looks like the spring steelhead fishing is going to be good right in to mid-May.

For now I am fishing the Western New York trips. Even here we are still waiting on water flows and temperatures to improve. However this will not tack long to improve, we are finally fishing of once again.  Here to, in the Western trips I am seeing decent numbers of steelhead. The smaller area creeks recently have been very productive when water conditions allow. For now the fly we are using, are egg flies, wooly buggers and big streamers, all in your favorite colors. Spring steelhead fishing conditions can and will change quickly. So be prepared for a wide variety of conditions when you head out.


Because of the cold spring we are going to have some excellent steelhead fishing into the month of May. I still have plenty of prime dates for May. This will be an ideal time to swing flies for steelhead. If you're interested in getting a head start with two handed rods or would like to swing some flies for steelhead, feel free to contact me.

Jay’s Cell 585-233-0436