Friday, November 8, 2013

We been getting a lot of water in the Salmon River water shed over the last two weeks. We have been fishing in some high water and dropping water temps. This has made for some changing steelhead fishing. There are still a lot of eggs in the river and the fish are eating them, so the egg bit is still going strong. As of now the water flow is at 1850 CFS along with the run off the flow is at over 2000 CFS. Hopefully the water flows will come down and the steelhead fishing will get easier soon. I have been floating the upper and middle section of the Salmon River and finding steelhead dispersed evenly through throughout the two sections of River. All we need is for the water flows to settle back down some and the fishing will pick back up.
For now I have made the move back to Western New York. November is brown trout time. I will be concentrating on Brown trout. I will be making periodic runs back to the Salmon River as conditions and interest allow. The Western New York tributaries have received some rain over the past week. Hopefully this is enough to keep the fish moving.  For now we have good water flow in the Oka Orchard however the water color is muddy. The fishing has not been adversely affected by the water conditions. Over the last few days we have seen a push of Brown trout throughout all rivers and creeks in Western New York. For flies stay with egg patters in size 8 and 10. The egg bit is on in all the river and creeks. 
I will be fishing in Western New York for brown trout for the next few weeks. Rick will be doing the Salmon River steelhead fishing for me while I am fishing Brown trout.  This is some of the best steelhead fishing fall for the Salmon River. We have open day for salmon river steelhead fishing.