Monday, October 21, 2013

This past week, the water flows remain consistent at 335 CFS. However, we have
recently received a good shot of rain. This rainfall was short but intense; as a
result the river had a temporary water flow spike of over 100 CFS. This jump of
water flow triggered an immediate run of salmon. Prior to that the
salmon trickled in at a steady pace.

The salmon are not as obvious as last season, but if you take the time and observe
you'll see plenty of movement. One of the differences from fishing low water
conditions that we experienced last fall. The biggest change with the salmon
fishing is in the spawning behavior of the salmon. At this time the salmon spawn
is at a peak pace. There is salmon spawning from the bottom of the river to the
top and of the fly zones. With all the spawning there is definitely a powerful
egg bite going on. I have finally been able to nail down a study pattern of flies.
Obviously egg patterns such as the nuclear roe bug and the estaz egg, in orange and chartreuse.
Other flies such as egg sucking leeches and woolly buggers with various colored hot beads are also taking a share of the fish. However
I still have to keep the size of these flies smaller than I would normally use. For
these flies a size 6 streamer hook is about the ideal size.
Another noticeable difference from last year is the fishing pressure. On the weekends
the River is extremely busy, but on weekdays the fishing pressure
is noticeably lighter. Not to say that the River is wide open,
however during the weekdays the fishing pressure is way less than I am used to
seeing during salmon season.

We are now starting to see a few steelheads show up on a daily basis. Along
with the steelhead we are also seeing a few Brown trout; this is early for Brown
trout. We are picking these fish up while fishing our favorite egg flies. Most of
the steelhead we are catching are with egg flies. The big challenge we are facing
with steelhead fishing is the sheer volume of eggs in the system. As far as I can tell
there is a lot of steelhead in for this time of year. However due to the large amount of
food we are having to work for every fish. More than anything I think this is
a presentation issue. The steelhead are so keyed in on feeding on eggs, that unless
the drift is this correct the fish will ignore the fly. So for now steelhead fishing is
more of a presentation game.

As of now I do have open dates October 29,31, steelhead time for the Salmon

 Also please keep in mind I do have other days available with two exceptional
guides that are working with me this fall. Fishing Western New York and the
Salmon River. If interested please feel free to give me a call. My cell is 585-233-0436.
Please be persistent! I am often in bad cell coverage areas, so keep trying and we will eventually