Friday, September 27, 2013

We are wall in to the salmon run this year. It is no secret that we had an early start. This week has been a little frustrating for fisherman new to salmon fishing. Unlike last year where the runs were consistently heavy and lower water flows made the fish visible, this year we are experiencing a more typical salmon season. This is not all that bad.

Water flows are still holding at 335 CFS. We have received little over an inch of rain last weekIt has been dry for a little over a week; the rain amounted to nothing more than maintenance. As for the 335 CFS water release, this is an excellent water level for salmon fishing.

High enough flow to keep the fish comfortable and moving through the river and low enough for us to easily fish.

So what does a normal salmon season look like? The salmon run pattern has been a decent trickle of fish from first light until mid-day. Some days we will see a second push of fish happening in late afternoon, however this second push of fish is not as dependable as the morning push. What I like about this is there is good fishing every day; you just need to know how to make it happen.  With these daily push of fish there is salmon spread out from one end of the river to next.

For flies and we have been using a range of patterns. The one consistency is that the salmon seem to prefer a smaller fly. Our most productive flies have been tied on size 4 wet-fly hooks. Green butt black bears and comets all seem to be working at any given time. I have also noted that a presentation with more of a dead drift is producing more fish this fall. Small woolly buggers tied on size 6 streamer hooks and at times I have been tying on size 4 wet-fly hooks. As for colors the standard black, brown and olive are all taking their share of fish.


I currently have open dates October 27, 28,29,30,31steelhead time for the Salmon River,November 26, 27, Brown trout time.

Also please keep in mind I do have other days available with two exceptional guides that are working with me this fall. Interested please feel free to give me a call, cell is 585-233-0436 please be persistent I am often in bad cell coverage. Keep trying we will eventually connect.

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