Wednesday, September 4, 2013

It has been sometime since my last update, in fact way too long. A lot is starting to happen. The Salmon River has been receiving small runs of salmon over the past three weeks. However as we all know when it comes to tributaries fishing conditions do change quickly. Over the past weekend, there has been a sharp slowdown in the pace of the fishing. I contribute this to the warm weather we have been in joying over the past week. A little weather, some rain, and the salmon will be right back to the normal routine.  Judging by the upcoming weather reports this should be happening in the next couple of days. Also over the past weekend the conservation water releases on the Salmon River, has begun. This means minimum water flows will go from 185 CFS to 335 CFS.
 This increase will normally trigger a run of salmon. However this weekend the fishing was extremely slow. Whatever reason, the salmon decided to not show up. What fish were already in the river quickly moved into fly fishing zones. For now most of the salmon are located in the upper fly zone. Keep in mind that the lower fly zone will not open until mid-September.
What is going on with the trout fishing? We had a incredible month of August. Most years I have shut down trout fishing operation, due to low warm water conditions. These low water conditions are typical for us month of August. This year the water conditions have been exceptional. Most of the fishing is concentrated in the mornings and evenings. Small may flies in the morning size 22 and 24 in the evenings try fishing with ants and beetles.
I am now booking dates for September and October. I still have a few days open for both months. However if I am booked on the days that you would like. I have a couple of great guides that will be working with me this fall. More about this guides later. If I am too busy to fish with you, I can make the arrangements for you. Please feel free to give me a call if you have any questions my cell is 585-233-0436

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