Monday, July 8, 2013

I know it has been sometime since my last update. Is doing quite a bit fishing.
What is going on with the trout fishing? With the wet weather we are having and the recent heavy rain, we will have to see how water flows hold up. I always say I will happily trade some dry fly fishing for good water flows. We definitely have that. As for the bug hatches, the sulfur hatches is now over. However the trout are not feeding as much on the bugs. This is partially due to the high water we been experiencing and is also partially normal for this time of year. A lot of the trout are now changing their diet. For the next couple of weeks, streamer fishing will be very productive. Many of the trout are going to be eating on small minnows and crayfish.
Keep in mind we are going to see the benefits of the high water flows that we experienced over the last few weeks. Even when we couldn't fish, the trout were eating and growing. I expect excellent fishing for the month of July. Hopefully water flows will cooperate and we can take advantage of the July hatchets. I suspect we should see a trickle Hatch any day. Also this is the time of the year with ants and beetles become very effective. Obviously these hatches are best fish with a dry fly. However the dry fly fishing is going to be highly dependent on water flow conditions.
I know it is only July, however it is not too early to start thinking about you fall fishing. I still have prime days open for September and October salmon and steelhead fishing. If this weather patterns continue into the fall we will certainly enjoy good water flows and excellent fishing conditions. Especially for someone who's interested in two handed rods. If interested please feel free to give me a call. Cell is 585-233-0436